Yoga for Weight Loss – Best Techniques

Yoga for weight loss is good. Although this might seem to be a difficult concept to believe for avid gym goers, the truth is that yoga, gentle a way it is for stretching and toning the body, is also a very good way to shed the extra bulk from the body. Constituted of supple and trained movements, Yoga helps not only in reducing weight but also keeping it off for good, if you are wise enough to continue practicing it even after you have accomplished your weight loss goals.

Yoga for weight loss – vigorous exercises that help you burn the flab

Just as eating healthy is a necessary component of losing weight, adopting the natural method for shedding the flab is also a good idea. Yoga fits the bill perfectly in this aspect. However, it needs to be mentioned in this regard that although yoga wraps up a lot of benefits for the body with regular performance like making it stronger and extra flexible, toning it up, improving the physical well-being and reducing stress, the way it helps in losing weight is something unique. This is because practicing any kind of yoga will not help you to lose weight. Unlike cardio and aerobics which beef up the heart rate fast for losing weight, normal yoga burns up fewer calories and also does not raise the heart rate that quickly. Yoga for weight loss therefore must be vigorous in nature, performed through yoga postures that are intricate and complex.

yoga for weight loss best techniques -

Best techniques for yoga for weight loss

Bikram Yoga

Yoga practitioners are of the opinion that Bikram Yoga or Bikram hatha yoga is the best yoga for weight loss. A hot favorite of celebrities and athletes, this style of yoga is a blend of composed yoga postures and full-fledged aerobic/cardiovascular or similar fat-burning workouts.

Ashtanga Yoga

A vigorous style of yoga, this system is focused on coordinating the breathing pattern with a gamut of varied and complicated yoga postures. This is a powerful style of yoga for devoted yogis and hence, is introduced at a slower pace for beginners, so that they become motivated and inspired to hit the more intense levels with proper strength and endurance.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is seen to be increasingly in demand in the celebrity circle as well as in health clubs and gyms, thanks to its inordinate capacity to burn calories at blazing sped and reduce weight quicker than ever. Quick and diverse yoga postures performed with quickness to activate heat build-up in the body form the basis of power yoga.

Hot Yoga

This is one of the most unique trends in yoga for weight loss based on the concept of Vinyasa Yoga, which is performed in hot rooms for quickening the heart beat pace and sweating out the fat from the body.

Yoga for weight loss – tips for beginners

For people who are grossly or moderately overweight, yoga for losing weight must be initiated with a beginner level training session to cut out risks of injury and also to prepare the body for more complicated postures.

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