What to do for my spouse on birthday?

Hey there, this time I’m going to talk about birthdays and their importance in your love life. You may have forgotten your ex birthday and it might be one of the reasons why you are not together anymore, so I suggest you listen carefully to what I have to say to you. If you are not back together yet, you are more than welcome to click here in order to buy the Ex-recovery system guide by Ashley Kay.

A birthday is a great opportunity to stop for a moment the race of life and to look one another in the eye, and remember why you are here from the first place.

Gifts and mentioning of birthdays and anniversaries should not be a burden that will make you spend money. This is an opportunity to stop and express to the partner next to you the appreciation, love and feelings for him/her. A gift is an opportunity to pause for a moment. Do not miss this special opportunity in your life to celebrate and remember your love.

I strongly believe in mentioning important dates in my life partner. There are few days a year where you have an opportunity to give attention to your relationship life. Marking birthdays is important in order to achieve a very intimate relation. Birthday is an opportunity to get closer, which has nothing to do with how much you like or hate gifts or birthdays.

It is important to remember that you do not celebrate for yourselves as individuals instead; you celebrate for yourselves as a couple. On this day, all the essence of your love is expressed. The whole day agenda will be conducted according to the event that you specify. You get up in the morning with the intention of investing in your partner and in your relationship, and it’s important. So, what do you do?

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What to do and not do to for your spouse’s birthday?

1. Do not forget!

If Bono forgot his girl’s birthday, then it could happen to anybody well, he wrote a good song, “Sweetest Thing”, to ask for her forgiveness. Given that you are not as talented as he is, you better remember your partner’s birthday! It is important to remember all the events of your love life. There is no compromise, forgetting a birthday is almost unforgivable! Even if you think your spouse does not care, deep inside he/she can be really disappointed. I heard of a lot of crises that began following the lack of attention on birthdays.

2. Stop the race.

Life is a long and exhausting race that includes a commitment to work, livelihood, home and more. Mentioning relationship’s events is an important timeout to life, investing in something important and a very good reason for a party.

3. Celebrate every occasion.

Birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s, first date, first sex, etc.. Never be ashamed to ask for help from family/friends and make time and attention to enable your celebration without stress or worry.

4. Prepare the ground

Make sure to prepare early enough: tell your partner to save the relevant date (if it’s not a total surprise). Even if your spouse tells you “I do not want to celebrate” or “No gifts please” – remember, you do not just celebrate him/her birthday, you are celebrating for the sake of your relationship, and beyond that, listen to the message and adjust the nature of the celebration character and desires. Prefer an intimate celebration with a romantic dinner over a big party with a lot of friends. If you like, you can do both. However you cannot skit the intimate part.

5. Invested in a gift

It is not necessarily to buy an expensive gift, but a gift of personal value. I believe that if you do not know what to give to your partner, you don’t know her/him actually. If you really do not know, pick up hints and clues if what your partner says about gifts throughout the year.

6. Beware of embarrassing gifts

Don’t buy jewelry to a woman who doesn’t love jewelry, or throw a surprise party to those who do not like surprises. You can invest in a hobby or a collection of your spouse… You better not buy gifts like sexy underwear, various vibrators for birthdays. Such gifts are better suited to the days of love. You have more chance of succeeding with a holiday, a romantic restaurant or jewelry.

7. Demonstrate attention

Sometimes precious gifts are upgraded if only a personal message and blessing is attached to them. Invest in a personal statement from the heart. Express yourself, there’s no other alternative.

Happy birthday & good luck!

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