What Makes Muscles Grow?

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It seems these days that everyone wants to grow their muscles!

Some people simply go to the gym and see the results coming easily while others have to struggle to gain the same amount of muscle.

You might wonder what it is that causes muscle growth?

There are a few aspects that are determining how fast you will gain muscles. The most important ones are genes, growth hormones, nutritious food and the type of physical activities involved.

The cells in the muscles are involved in a process that’s called the protein turnover. There is normally a balanced activity of breaking down the muscle and building it up again. This is regulated by your genetic structure and unless it’s manipulated by some of the other factors it keeps the muscle mass on the same level.

The genes in your body is like your blueprint and it sets the conditions for you specific body and there’s not so much to do about it, but by knowing how your body works makes it easier to decide how to use the other factors. For someone that has a genetic structure wich causes the metabolism to work slowly it takes less nutritions for example than for someone with a high metabolism.

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Growth hormones are like messengers in the body, giving signals to the cells in the muscle to renew themselves. By increasing the amount of physical activity there will be a natural increase of growth hormones, which will make the muscles grow faster.

Muscles are built up by mainly protein and water, and because of this you have to make sure you give your body a good amount of nutritious food. Protein is like the building blocks and to not give yourself enough of those is like trying to build a house without bricks. If you don’t have the material to build from, it doesn’t matter how good the other parts that controls the growth are working, you wont gain anyway. The easy way to add extra protein to your diet is to have a few protein shakes every day.

By increasing the physical activity for the muscles, you naturally manipulate the muscle build up activity. To be able to cope with the new conditions, the cells are building up faster then they are breaking down. The body adjusts quite quickly to the process, and this means that if you want to gain muscles in a steady pace you have to increase the pressure on the muscles or the process will balance out and the muscles will stay at the same level.

All of these aspects are essential for your muscle gain and one can not be without the other. With knowledge about how your body works it can be easier to get your body in the shape you want.

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