What is Adonis Index & its Golden Ratio?

Before anything else I like to ask you one question:

Do you think ‘getting big’ is connected to ‘looking good’?

Many men think ‘getting big’ means ‘looking good’ but unfortunately it is not true because sometime ‘getting big’ can make you look terrible and highly unattractive. ‘Getting big’ and ‘looking good’ are two completely different and even ‘getting big’ can make you look monster. Even many fitness experts reported some of their students look terrible just because they start working out to ‘get big’. So, next time when you start any workout plan have goal in your mind. Don’t become another gym goer.

There is a research called Anthropology about qualities and skills that attract opposite sex. This research explained everyone has the ability of looking good and attracting another person. There is a true science of art behind the attractive male body. It does not matter from where you belong and how old you are. A 50 years old Brazilian woman will pick same male with good looking body as it does by 22 years American female.

The Anthropology research is not new research it is exist since many decade and it is still in his true shape. Anthropology research is basically based on a mathematical equation. That is right, a mathematical equation will tell you how attractive you are and which part of your body needs workout. Understanding this mathematical equation is important because it helps you to set body goal and prevent you from ‘getting big’.

This mathematical equation called Adonis Index and it is based on a golden ratio which is 1:1.618

Numerous Researches proved that Adonis Index is the roadmap and golden ratio is the ultimate goal to attractive male physique. After achieving this body goal (aka golden ratio) you will be the hottest and attractive dude in your whole society and it is based on true research. Now, the main question rises is that how to calculate this ratio.

Calculation of Adonis Index Score:

adonis index calculator sexybodyfitness

To obtain your index score you have to measure your waist size, shoulder size and height in inches then apply your measurement in following mathematical equation.

Step 1: Calculating Your Waist to Height Ratio:

Once you obtain your current waist size and height inches then put them into this mathematical equation:

————— (“current waist size in inches”) / ——————— (height in inches) = ————- (waist to height ratio)

Step 2: Calculating Your Ideal Index Score:

Obtain your waist size by measuring your waist circumference from your belly button and measure your collarbone to obtain your shoulder waist. Put your measurements into this equation.

————— (“shoulder size – inches”) / ————— (Waist size – Inches) = ———————– (Your Adonis Index Score)

Step 3: Choosing Right Nutrition and Workout Program:

One important thing you have to keep in your mind that is nutrition plan and workout plan is different from body to body. Same nutrition plan and workout plan will not work for you as it does for your friend because your friend has different index score than you. It is very important to pick nutrition plan and workout plan that work for your body because your ultimate goal is to ‘look good’ not to ‘get big’. I hope you know what I mean

Adonis Golden Ratio and Adonis Index:

John Barban and Kyle Leon adonis golden ratio reviewsJohn Barban is a kind of fitness expert that doesn’t workout with the intention of ‘getting big’ because he knows ‘getting big’ make body look terribly big which seize all the attractiveness away from the body. Any girl from any country from any culture at any age wants boyfriend with good masculine physique. Bulking body with mass muscle seize away all the attractiveness.

In this John Barban’s program you will learn how to build muscle that look attractive to almost every girl. After completing his 12-week training when you visit the same night-bar you will notice many girls start coming closer to you without saying any word. That’s the power of having ‘Adonis Body’.

Nutrition Plan:

Nutrition Plan is the backbone of the any program because you can’t achieve your goal without good nutrition. Nutrition plays an important part in your lifestyle. Most people that obtain their golden ratio or achieve closer to it will continue to stay with their good nutrition plan because they have enjoyed all the benefits of looking good and they don’t want to lose that. Truly, night snacks will not give you body close to Adonis proportion until to include a good nutrition plan. You don’t have to stop fun food completely but you have to put limit on it.

When you join Adonis Golden Ratio ( read full Adonis Golden Ratio Review here ) you will get nutrition plan based on your body measurements. John Barban divided nutrition plan into three programs which are burn, build & burn and burn. As explained earlier, every nutrition plan will not give you Adonis body proportion that is why feeding adequate nutrition is the key to building physique that is craved by hot and attractive girls.

Workout Plan:

Similarly in workout plan, John Barban designed three different Adonis Workout Plans and you have to follow plan which is adequate for your body. Workout plan is 12-week program and completing these 12-week training will give you attractive male body.

Choosing Right Weights — The Key for Adonis Body:

kettlebell adonis workout

Choosing the right weights is the key for getting closer and closer to Adonis body. Surely, you can’t determine how much weight you can lift during your workout without trial and error. After completing few reps you will get some idea how much weight you can lift comfortably. Now, if you are using too light weight you will not feel burning sensation in your muscles. Your weights for 21 reps are different what you lift for 5 and 8 reps workout. The more heavy weight you pick the more effective exercise will become but, make sure you don’t sustain injury.

John Barban designed this Adonis golden ratio program in which he teaches you how to build body that is craved by most women. The main objective of this program is to build attractive body without bulking it with muscles. Once you completed this 12-week program you will get benefits such as “superior male body shape”, “social power” and “ultimately a better life”.

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