Weight Loss Shakes – Myths Blasted

Weight Loss Shakes

Among the most popular fitness devices to hit the racks, all bottled up, are the weight loss shakes. Primarily made of protein, these products are meant to be used as meal replacements, to help you cut back on your daily feat of calories and thus, lose your weight simply and easily. But with something which is so randomly consumed by the obese populace of the world, it is only but natural for some myths to be associated with the use as well. This article intends to break them down for the reader.

Excessive protein makes you fat – is it true?

An average adult requires 45-56 grams of protein per day, depending on his health and dietary requirements. Extra protein in the diet indicates more muscles and subsequently more calorie burn too. Why? The science of weight loss specifies that muscles need more calories to be maintained and hence forces the body to burn more of them. So the result you can expect with more protein is more weight loss.

Protein does not make you fat. Rather, the extra calories from carbohydrates, fats and sugars hidden within foods containing protein do. Weight loss shakes help you to switch your protein source to purer forms and thus, lose weight at a rapid pace.

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Can weight gain happen with weight loss shakes?

Before guzzling down shakes for weight loss, it is important to understand that these potions have been primarily created as MEAL REPLACEMENT drinks. Substituting a meal with a glass of shake thus entails one to consume a certain number of calories and keep away the unnecessary ones. If you end up combining it with a couple of sandwiches, your chances of gaining weight becomes more.

The main intention of these shakes is to reduce the daily calorie intake to less than what is burnt at a regular basis. Combining shakes and meals can make weight loss difficult.

Weight loss shakes – any health issues?

As a rule, when buying weight loss shakes, you must avoid ones laden with sugar or artificial sweeteners. These may increase your hunger pangs rather than reducing them. To avoid chances of drug interaction and side effects, you must also stay back from products with added supplements or blended herbs.

There are weight loss shakes that are very effective in meal replacement. They give you the necessary building blocks and carbs as well as the vitamins and trace elements that your body tends to miss immediately when there is a paradigm shift in your diet. Weight loss shakes of today are formulated with great care so that they do not cause side effects and are not lacking in the basic elements for sustenance. Also, keep up your exercise regime because it is necessary to show results when you embark on your weight loss diet.

Last but not the least, weight loss shakes are good for short/temporary weight loss plans. Caution should be exercised if you have plans for using them for longer, as prolonged usage may lead to health issues.

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