Triceps Tips

The tricep is the muscle that runs along the rear outer side of the upper arm. When this muscle is built or toned, it is one of the most visually noticeable muscles on the arms. Many builders seek triceps tips for toning or building these muscles since it is often difficult to isolate them. However, many moves that can be done with dumbbells, a bench, and/or resistance bands are great for targeting this area.

You will need:

–  Dumbbells of varying weights

–  Resistance bands of varying resistances

–  A bench

Step 1: Tricep bench dips are one of the best chest and triceps workouts for targeting and building in this area. To do these, it is necessary to set up a bit of space with a workout bench. If a bench is not available, a chair can be used.

Step 2: Sit on the bench with hands placed on either side of the respective hips. Then, slide off the bench until only the hands and arms are supporting the body. For a beginner arm exercise, the shins and thighs should form a 90-degree angle. For a more advanced workout, the legs should be straight out, heels on the floor, with no bend to the knee.

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Step 3: The muscles in the arms should then be used to lower the body as low as possible. One of the most important tricep tips overall is to make sure that, at the lowest point, the athlete pauses to contract. Then, in a slow and controlled motion, he should lift himself back up to the bench, high enough that he could easily move back and sit again. This move should be repeated in three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Step 4: Grab some dumbbells and hold them while standing with arms down at the sides. The backs of the hands should be facing forward. Good tricep tips for this move are to get dumbbells that are heavy enough to evoke a challenge, but not too heavy as to distort the body during the arm workout. Feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Step 5: To engage in this triceps workout, begin raising the arms behind the body so that the upper and lower arm form a 90-degree angle at the elbow. Keeping arms close to the side of the body, slowly bring them back almost to the original position. Some tricep tips for this workout are to lean forward a bit and not come all the way forward when ending the repetition. It is important to keep the tricep muscles engaged.

Step 6: Finally, acquire a resistance band that is strong enough to pose a challenge. Lie on the floor and on the band, the band behind the upper back. There should be equal lengths of the band on either side of the body. It may help to look up images or videos online for some tricep tips for this workout.

Step 7: Grasp each end of the band. Bend the elbows and point them upward and hands level with the eyes – the tricep muscles should be perpendicular to the floor. Using only the forearms and hands, press slowly upward to feel the contraction in the triceps. Pause and hold for a second, then release back to the starting position. It is in compliance with good tricep tips to also perform this move in three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

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