Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements That Boost up Muscle Growth

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

Are you tired of looking fat every time you look yourself in mirror?

Are you frustrated because of wasting so much money on supplements?

Weight loss supplement industry is billion dollar industry. New products hit every day in the market with amazing before and after pictures and bold marketing phrases but when enough people get disappointed with the product it disappears overnight and new product takes his place and same stories goes on.

Why weight loss industry wants you to lose weight when you are generating money for them?

If you ever pick any fitness magazine you will see great advertisements with amazing before and after pictures and miracle claims. This is because weight loss industry never wants people to lose weight. If people start losing weight with their supplement then money stop coming on their way.

Weight loss supplement industry is relied on great marketing techniques and if you keep applying these new shiny ‘miracle’ supplements they keep on disappointing you and continue laughing on your back.

Being that said, there are approximately 95% weight loss supplements that are just garbage material and only 5% of them that “supplement” your new diet and exercise and help you in building ripped abs.

It is worth mentioning these weight loss supplements that actually make process faster for building ripped abs but, I also want to inform you there is no alternative to natural diet and exercises. These 5% ‘good’ supplement actually don’t work alone, you must have to combine them with natural diet and exercise to achieve your desired results.

Ok here are some supplements that speed up the process of muscle building

top 5 muscle building supplements

Muscle Building Supplement for Men

#1: Protein Supplementation:

There are hardly any muscle building program, course, and/or article that don’t talk about protein. “Fitness experts” called “protein” as ” Muscle Building Nutrient “. This’s because “protein” is the vital nutrient that replaces dead cells and starts the growth of new muscle tissues.

After workout when body muscles break down there is very short time to fill these gap with protein for new muscle tissue. If protein is provided inside this short window then new and bigger muscle tissues born and you gain muscle.

But, the problem is that after workout when muscle tissues are broken there is very short time that is why it is impossible for everyone to feed their muscles with protein-rich diet that is why with the help of protein supplements enough protein can be provided to muscles in this short time.

This short window is like golden opportunity for muscle re-growth and if it is impossible for you to consume protein-rich diet in this short window, you can use protein supplements to get most out from this opportunity. Protein supplementation are completely optional because as mentioned above there is no alternative for natural diet and if it is possible for you to provide protein-rich food after workout within an hour then avoid taking protein supplements.

#2: Natural Testosterone Boosters:

Testosterone is an important steroid hormone that plays very important role in muscle building. People that used natural Testosterone booster reported that they feel more aggression in the gym and feel energetic even after tough workout session.

Popular studies proved that the supplements that contain natural herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris, Longjack tongkat Ali and Testofen increases the production of Testosterone by 50%.

When purchasing natural Testosterone booster it is important to note that these three herbs should be present in ideal quantity.

#3: Caffeine Supplements:

Another very important compound for people that want ripped abs is caffeine. In previous research it is proved that caffeine increases the amount of calories body burn during the workout. In other studies it proved that caffeine increases muscle strength and give more energy during workout.

It is recommended by fitness experts to get at least 200 mg caffeine before workout but some reported that over 300 mg of caffeine will make person jitter during the workout. It is important to maintain your caffeine level below 300 mg.

I think it is important to mentioned that one small cup of Espresso coffee contain 70-80 mg of caffeine. But, if you can’t able to drink coffee or tea before workout then there are some caffeine supplements that you can used to provide enough caffeine to your body.

#4: Nitric Oxide Supplements:

Research and studies shown that nitric oxide supplements increases oxygen and blood flow inside the muscles. These supplements are used to keep muscle pump throughout the workout but these supplements can’t increase muscle strength.

If you want your muscles to look pump and great then you can take nitric oxide supplements 30 minutes before the workout session. These supplement also used by people that want to display their ripped muscles on beach.

Now these days, you can purchase supplements that contain caffeine and nitric oxide today. It is great for people that want to increase their energy for workout and want their muscles to feel and look great.

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#5: Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements:

Omega 3 contains lots of healthy benefits such as control blood pressure, improved brain function and many other health benefits. Omega 3 may not help you in muscle building but they are important for overall health improvement.

Because of our so-called ‘western’ diet, many of us are deficient of omega 3 which increases the risk of health disease. To provide enough Omega 3 into your body you can take omega 3 fish oil supplements.

Research proved that supplementing Omega 3 with supplements improve immune system, cholesterol level and also contain anti-cancer properties. Inside Adonis Golden Ratio (read its review from here), John Barban revealed very powerful Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement.


Undoubtedly, there are lots of scam when it comes to muscle building supplements and truly it is very difficult for someone to find best supplements for everyone because fitness experts confusing people which their shiny marketing techniques.

Being that said, there is no question of effectiveness of some muscle building supplements. I recommend muscle building supplement only for those people that are tired with the slow result of natural diet and exercise and want to speed up the process of muscle building. With the combination of supplements the process of building muscle will increase but it is important to remember you will not get ripped abs overnight, you have to stick with them for at least 30-60 days to notice any result.