Top 3 Most Effective Ways To Fall Asleep Instantly

My aim is to give you a complete and honest Sleep Tracks review, but I would also like to share with you the top 3 proven ways to combat insomnia here.

Long-term sleeping problems can lead to poor performance at work, relationship break ups, and poor health. Studies show that sleeping deprivation symptoms can also speed up physical and mental decline, shortening several years of your life expectancy! But do not worry; there are many scientifically proven remedies for sleep. Here are the top 3 tips to help you go to sleep fast.

1. Top 3 Most Effective Ways To Fall Asleep Instantly

Ideal bedroom environment

Keep your bedroom dim, cool and quiet. White noise (sleeping sounds) is acceptable to block unwanted sounds.

Do not sit on your bed during the day to read or watch TV; your bed should solely be used for sleeping at night. In that case, your body will automatically get the signal to fall asleep instantly whenever you go to bed.

The ideal bedroom should have a dark painted wall or wall paper to reduce lighting, the less light you get nearing bed time, the easier it is for you to go to sleep fast. If not eyeshades should do the trick.

The best temperature to stimulate sleep is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Too cold or too hot makes your body feel uncomfortable, thus making it harder to fall asleep.

Try to set your bedroom to the ideal environment, and you will find yourself falling asleep instantly!

2. Top 3 Most Effective Ways To Fall Asleep Instantly

Right amount of light exposure goes a 100 miles

Getting the appropriate lightings during the right time is one of the most important remedies for sleep.

Did you know computer screens emit blue light waves which can directly affect our sleep at night? Blue lights boost energy and promotes mood during the day, but if exposed to it at night, it prevents sleep.

Blue lights inhibit the production of melatonin, a hormone in our body that promotes sleep. When one lacks melatonin, they will have trouble falling asleep. In other words, you need maximum lightings during the day, and minimal lightings during night time for a good night sleep.

You should spend more time outdoor in the day, and stay away from using media technologies at night. If you have to use the computer at night, like most of us do, you can install F.Lux to your computer.

F.lux is a free app that automatically controls the amount of blue lights emitted by your screen and adjusting it depending on the time of the day, blue lights will be reduced to minimum levels during night time. This will allow your body to produce melatonin for sleep.

Melatonin supplement is available over the counter or on prescription in pharmacies, speak to your pharmacist or doctor for further advice. Make sure you consult your healthcare professionals before you take any otc sleep aids to help you sleep too.

top 3 most effective ways to fall asleep instantly - sleep tracks reviewAn Honest Sleep Tracks Review – Is This A Scam?

3. Top 3 Most Effective Ways To Fall Asleep Instantly

Exercise and sleep

Exercise to improve sleep is a controversial topic. A general idea is that exercise increases endorphin levels in your body, thus improving your mood and productivity during the day and aid sleep at night. Others believe that vigorous exercises can cause sleeping problems. So which is true?

After much research, the answer is simple. There are 2 keys you need to focus on, the type of exercise you choose and the time you engage in such activity determines a good night sleep.

Intense exercise within 3 hours before bed stimulates your heart, muscles and brain, which is opposite of what you need before bedtime. It also raises your body’s temperature, thus making it harder to fall asleep.

Instead, exercises in the morning can improve mood, thus increase work performance and productivity, which will indirectly enhance sleep at night. You will also be exposed to natural lights during the day which will aid sleep at night.

Having said that, exercising during late afternoon and in the evenings are the best and directly aids sleep at night. Vigorous exercise during these times will increase your body temperature to the maximum, and slowly falling to an ideal temperature as you are getting ready for bed.

The type of exercise to do is cardiovascular workout, because it stimulates and keep your heart rates up, and muscles pumping. Jogging, swimming, tennis, rope jumping, or riding the bicycle are good examples, make sure you perform vigorous exercise. If you are going to cycle, try to cycle up and down a hill to increase the intensity of your exercise. 20 minutes of vigorous exercise 3-4 times a week will definitely give you restful sleep at night. Try it yourself!

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