Top 10 Myths Busted – Proteins and Carbohydrates

Sports nutrition is one of the most widely accredited health features that has made its way to every gym and fitness center across the world. How to build muscle fast and quickly plus weight loss are the two aspects of nutrition that individuals have long desired to master but there have been certain incalculable facts that have yet remained unaccounted for. Here we shall have a look at the top 10 myths that have been associated with health and nutrition so as to debunk what does not matter and help separate fact from fiction.

1. Carbohydrates Make You Fat

Here is a myth that has been going around for ages where people fail to understand that the truth behind weight gain is that of calories. Fact of the matter is that calories are the ones responsible for that extra fat and the blame has been unnecessarily been put onto carbs. Let us break this down in terms of science. Individuals that are trying to lose weight need to focus on building up their metabolic tissue strength. In order for the tissue to fully develop itself, it needs carbohydrates. While this may seem a little contradictory at first, it is a proven fact that carbs are essential. The imperative task at hand is that of individuals knowing how much carbs they need. Depending upon their daily activities, their carb intake values can differentiate.

2. Eating Carbs at Night Leads to Weight Gain

top 10 myths busted proteins and carbohydrates sexybodyfitness.comOver the years, individuals have been told to restrict the amount of carbs they eat at night. They instead consume protein and other substitutes. Fact of the matter is that those individuals that train will need to eat a few carbs post their work-out. This is essential to start off their process to build muscle. There is a big difference between fat gain and muscle gain and understanding what amount of carbs needs to be consumed is of pivotal importance. Individuals need to be concerned to not allowing their metabolic levels to dip which would then result to weight gain. The best way to bust this myth would be to ear around fifty grams of carbs post a work-out so as to start the muscle rebuilding process in their body.

3. Carbs Don’t Build Muscle

Not many people understand this but carbs do help build muscle fiber strength in the body. In order for a body to remain anabolic, it is essential that enough amounts of carbs are consumed. Once the body retracts from its anabolic state, muscles will fail to grow. Carbohydrates also play an important role in regulating the insulin levels of the body which in turn increases the protein intake in the body. The body’s insulin level is also responsible for the muscles to intake testosterone which also happens to be one of the chief hormones that help build muscle quickly in the body.

4. Eating GI Carbs to Get a Ripped Look is Essential

In order to make sure that the carb intake into the body is being utilized for activities that build muscle fast and not fat deposits, it is essential that the rate at which carbohydrates are digested be monitored closely. This can be performed by maintaining a good balance of the glycemic index in the body. Associating the right foods along with restricting any minor change to the glycemic index is of chief importance and can be done by combining different foods that are rich in carbs as well as proteins.

5. Muscles Have to be Carb Loaded

Too much of anything is bad. While carbs are essential for the development of muscles in the body, that alone would not suffice. If muscles were made of carbs completely, it would dehydrate the tissues and break it down. In order for the body to build muscle at a consistent rate, it is essential that they contain a good mix of proteins and other essential nutrients. Using a carb-protien ration of 2:1, individuals will be able to ensure that they can build muscle faster.

6. Proteins Are All That’s Needed

The sky is never the limit when you want to build muscle with proteins alone. In order for the body to develop itself with a ripped look, it is essential that individuals combine their protein intake along with carbs. As discussed earlier, the main role of carbohydrates is to strengthen the muscle tissues and help ensure that the metabolic activity of the body is well maintained. Using the same ratio of 2:1 for carbs : protein, individuals will see better and sustained results in their effort to build muscle.

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7. All Forms of Protein are the Same

This is one of the biggest myths that needs to be debunked. Fact of the matter is that every form of protein varies with its nutritional content. This can be seen blindly as some proteins tend to have a higher digestive rate than others. Some proteins rapidly reach the bloodstream while others take a while to do so. Depending upon the time of the day, the right kind of proteins needs to be consumed. For example, morning consumption should be proteins that digest quickly while at night, after a work-out session, individuals would need to consume proteins that have a slightly lower digestive rate.

8. 1 Gram of Body Weight Per Pound Is Enough

We have always been informed that our bodies need around one gram per pound of body weight in order to build muscle fast. Fact of the matter is while this value can be termed accurate to some extent, it is only an estimate. What people fail to understand is that when the calorific intake declines while eating less, so will the carb intake fall. If the carb intake declines, then the body weight will also decline. This is an ongoing process and if not attended to, will throw the entire body weight per pound value off-course.

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9. Proteins Are a Must to Grow

While proteins are essential in helping the body to develop, its only purpose is to ensure that essential nutrients are supplied to the body for proper tissue regulation. However, proteins are not the only factors that are essential for the body to grow. They need to be combined with the right intake of carbohydrates which will help regulate the metabolism rate of the body. The proper combination of carbs to proteins will help build muscle and get the perfectly toned body that one desires.

10. Protein Cannot Make Me Fat

If you believe in this, you need to take another closer look at what separates fact from fiction. All along people have told us that only carbs are responsible for our fat gain. Fact of the matter is that proteins too when consumed in excess will result to it being sent to the liver which is then converted into glucose and later into body fat. The best way to bust this myth would be to count the calories that are being consumed and not just the total amount of carbs and proteins.

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