The Scar Solution Review – Is The Scar Solution a SCAM?

Scars are some of the most dreaded but unavoidable skin ailments out there. Many people have scars of different types and genesis. Some are large and movement restricting while others are small and somewhat minor. Scars are a result of the skin’s natural healing process. When the dermis (thick part of skin beneath the top later) sustains damage, that part of the skin becomes a wound. The body will produce new collagen to repair the wound, leading to a scar. The scar will have slightly different color and texture from the skin surrounding it. Of course, this will make for a visible contrast that makes the scar noticeable. Note that a scar forms when the wound has healed completely.

Scars are of various types. In many cases, scars will present as flat and pale skin tissue. However, in some cases, scars may be raised above the skin surface as a result of excess collagen produced by the body. Raised scars are known as keloids or hypertrophic scars, and are more prevalent in younger individuals with dark skin shades, such as Asians and African Americans.

Scars can also be pitted or sunken into the skin, and in this case they are called atrophic scars. Atrophic scars result when the skin loses its underlying supporting structures such as fat.

the scar solution review scam or legit?


Admittedly, scars are very difficult to treat. Dozens of scar solutions have been devised but none has been found to give 100 percent results. These methods include radiotherapy, dermabrasion, laser treatment, surgery, filler injections, and topical creams. It’s worth noting that all these methods have side effects, in addition to the fact that they do not completely remove scars. In most cases, there’s a risk of new scars forming or skin being damaged. Other methods such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing may lead to hyper pigmentation particularly in people with darker skin.

Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that natural scar remedies have been devised as well, with huge success rates. The Scar Solution is a natural scar removal guide that is based on 100 percent natural methods for scar removal. The program is touted as one of the most effective natural scar remedies of this century. The claim is that the program helps to eliminate scars of any type but mostly acne scars, using scientifically verifiable methods that are 100 percent natural. This means that there are no associated adverse effects that instead can make you spend a lot more money than you would with this program.

Does The Scar Solution Work?

Before you start wondering whether the Scar Solution works or not, you need to understand one important fact about scars on which this guide is based. The fact is that scars heal naturally with time even without any intervention. A scar takes two years to mature, and after that it begins to disappear naturally. With the exception of severe keloids, most hypertrophic scars will heal naturally on their own.

This program is based on that natural scar healing process. It simply speeds up that process so that you don’t have to wait two years for the scar to disappear.

Is The Scar Solution a SCAM

When you read through The Scar Solution Program, you’ll notice that it is split into two major sections that almost feel like separate books of their own. The first section is a breakdown of the current scar treatments, all with their benefits and downsides, and the second part is a breakdown of alternative solutions.

While detailing his scar treatment techniques, the author avoids using hype as he explains his methods in a step-by-step manner. There are no outlandish claims, and users shouldn’t expect dramatic results in a matter of days, but the approach used by the author bellies a reassuring confidence.

One of the best things you’ll like about The Scar Solution program is that there’s a unique solution for every type of scar. Typically, the way the scar was formed (scar genesis) determines the type of scar that develops after the wound heals. Acne scarring is a result of acne bumps and normally forms on the skin’s outer surface. On the other hand, surgical scars are deeper and may be raised in some cases. As such, they take much longer to heal and require more delicate handling to prevent adverse effects. Any guide that lumps up scar treatment as a generic solution shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Chapters 1 and 2 give detailed explanations of the different types of scars along with some valuable tips on how to avoid scars. The following chapters contain several techniques for removing scars naturally. According to the author, each technique has been thoroughly tested and proven to work. In fact, some of the techniques were used by the author on his own scars.

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The Scar Solution Review – Benefits

Here are the benefits you should you expect when you purchase this program.

The techniques explained are completely natural, thus there are no side effects associated with The Scar Solution program.

Since there are no side effects, you can expect to spend once and for all to solve your scar issues, unlike many other methods where you fork out more money to deal with effects of surgery or laser, for instance.

Besides natural scar techniques, The Scar Solution Program contains a lot of valuable tips about skin care tips that will help you achieve a clear, soft, and smooth complexion.

The techniques described work for all skin shades, be it dark or light.

The Scar Solution program is very affordable compared to other methods. With laser treatment, expect to spend upwards of $350 per session, let alone the side effects that are guaranteed to arise.

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The Scar Solution Review – Cons

This being a natural solution, you cannot expect overnight results. It takes some time to see real change but the good thing is that the effects are enduring.

The Scar Solution was created by Sean Lowry, a person who suffered from different types of scars and knows well what it feels like living with embarrassing scars. After reading extensively about scar removal and experimenting with different remedies on his own scars. He finally discovered the methods that worked as well as those that didn’t that you ought to avoid.

The Scar Solution is recommended to anyone out there that’s battling with scars. Of course, this guide is not perfect, but it certainly delivers on its promise and more.

The Scar Solution by Sean Lowry Review Scam Or Legit?

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