The Plank Exercise – A Requirement To Avoid Sore Back Muscles

Having strong abdominals and good lower back health is essential for everyone. That’s why you need to include the plank exercise in your routine.

The plank is something that seems to always be missed in people’s workouts. I never seem to see anybody really doing them at the gym. I might see one person out of 100 actually doing planks. It’s very similar to rebounding, people are neglecting the most important exercises they can do, in leau of doing isolation routines.

The plank is more like a yoga pose in that it requires determination and mental toughness but it also requires the ability for your body to have endurance. Personally these are the hardest exercises to perform for me. I can lift a lot of weight if I’m moving it around and lifting it up and down. But holding a pose requires a different kind of inner and outer strength.

They may seem like very basic exercises and there aren’t a lot of movements involved. However, incorporating these exercises in your workout routines will help you attain stronger core muscles and good lower back health, thus avoiding soreness after workout sessions.

So why are planks so good?

Planks help the body build balance and most of all will. It helps you develop that part of your brain that wants to quit. You can use this in all areas of your life. Once you push beyond what you think you’re physically capable of doing, you can stretch that out into other areas of your life that you want to quit as well. Perhaps you’re sick of work, school or a relationship and you know it’s wrong to quit right now. But it would be so easy to throw in the towel and walk away. Don’t cash in your chips. If you can reach levels of determination with your workouts you can reach that same end goals in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.


There is no greater exercise than the plank for developing mental toughness.

On top of what planks can do for your mental state, planks help you stabilize your deep internal core muscles. It’s an amazing exercise everybody should start incorporating into their daily or weekly workout routines.

In this video, Craig Ballantyne shows us how to do 3 exercises that are good for the abdominals and lower back.

The Plank

In order to do this, you’ll be needing a cushion for your elbows, probably a towel or mat. Facing down, rest your weight on your elbows and the balls of your feet while keeping your whole body straight. Hence the name “plank”. For beginners, you can start with resting your bodyweight on your knees and elbows.

However, as you progress, you’ll need to raise it to supporting your weight with elbows and feet. The goal is to maintain the position for 3 minutes without rest. For starters, you can go for a few seconds but you need to increase the time everyday in order to achieve the goal.

People who have been working out and been taking care of their bodies for years might be able to reach the 3 minute mark.


Side Plank

Again, you’ll be resting your bodyweight on your feet and elbows, the main difference this time is that you’re facing the side, resting your bodyweight on one elbow. This exercise will target your oblique muscles and lowerr back. The goal is to maintain the position for one whole minute.

For quiet some time I wasn’t able to hold this position for longer than 30 seconds so if you feel down on yourself, don’t. It’s an amazingly difficult position to hold for any length of time. Now I’m up to about a minute and 20 seconds.

The weight of your entire body is resting on a very small but elongated muscle called the obliques.

Bird Dog

This by far is the funniest position, according to Craig Ballantyne. Some people may not be certain what muscles you’ll be working on with this exercise. However, with this, you’ll be targetting your lower back muscles while increasing your balance. To do this, face down on all fours. Slowly raise one hand and stretch it forward at the same time slowly stretching the opposite leg. While both limbs (right hand and left leg) are extended, maintain it for 5 seconds then lower them to the original position. Do the same for the other hand and leg.

Doing these exercises aren’t going to take you that long. You can do them everyday in order to achieve a stronger core and healthier back.

Remember, part of having a good health is having a healthy back and good core muscles. So make sure you get into the plank exercise everyday.

People who have flabby or un-toned muscles in their midsection can have bad posture or even spinal health problems. Your entire body ambulates or not based on the strength of you stomach muscles. Don’t cheat yourself by letting yourself get a flabby gut with poor back health.

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