The Most Effective Ab Exercises – It’s Not The Crunch!

Are you sick of doing crunches till you’re blue in the face? Do you know that doing those abdominal crunches aren’t even the most effective ab exercises? Well, you can’t be blamed for that because everytime you see someone on TV doing an ab exercise, it’s always some eccentric machine that makes you curl up from a lying down position.

Although the crunch is great for your stomach (Ventriculus Gaster) it’s definitely not the most effective at creating a six pack or helping to sculpt that region of the body.

The problem with crunches is that many people think that doing the exercise is enough. But we all know, that unless you’re really pushing yourself using concentration and focus, to get that burn and sore feeling, the crunches aren’t really doing anything for you.

You have to really make your entire abdominal region scream with pain if you want to see any results from crunches.

Let me be unequivocally clear here…

Any ab exercise (or any targeted or isolation exercise) cannot and will not help you to lose fat in that area of the body. It’s called spot reduction and that myth has long since been refuted. We lose fat all over the body. You can’t target a specific area of the body for fat loss.

The crunches will help you build abdominal strength and muscle. This extra muscle will help to raise your metabolism and allow you to burn more fat all over your body just by having that extra muscle in your midsection.


Craig Ballantyne (best selling author of Turbulence Training) has another thing in mind when it comes to working on your abs. He’s able to work his abs without even lying on the ground or expose his back to the pain of doing crunches on a hard surface.

In this video, Craig Ballantyne shows us three of what he considers to be the most effective ab exercise movements. These exercises are fun and will definitely take you out of the whole crunch rut.

If you’re hating doing crunches it’s time to think outside the box and get your muscle confusion on. Try something new to take your results to a new level.

Okay so here they are…

The Ab Wheel

This cheap piece of gym equipment is very effective in working your abs. You only need to kneel on a towel, to prevent your knees from chafing, and grasping the ab wheel on both handles, extend your arms forward. Another variation which will make you work harder on your abs is to support your body on your toes and not the knees.

Start out resting on your knees and extend as far forward as you can. Trust me you’ll feel sore the next day. This exercise is surprisingly deceptive. You think it’s easy until you’re entire core is sore for two days. It works by elongating and stretching out your muscles while at the same time tearing down the muscle fibers of the now exposed stretched muscles.

Stability Ball Jack Knife

Next exercise is the Stability Ball Jack Knife. With your arms resting on a bench and your legs resting on a stability ball, tuck in your legs, then extend it. You can put some variation into the exercise by using one leg or rotating your knees to the side as you tuck them in.

Doing these variations will work your lower back and obliques as well as your upper and lower abdominal cavity. You’ll want to only bite off as much as you can chew with this one.

The Mountain Climber

Lastly is the Mountain climber. Instead of the standard mountain climber exercise, you lift the knee you’re tucking in and cross it under your body. This works your obliques as you tuck them in.

These ab workouts are definitely challenging and will put a tremendous amount of strain and pressure on your midsection, which is what you want. They’re fun and will help you prevent workout plateaus with your stomach.

They’ll help tear the muscle fibers at very unique angles that will help to develop a sexy lean and sculpted look that most people want.

There are actually tons of exercise to target your abs. However, if you’re looking for the most effective ab exercises, why not try these three.

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