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Many basketball players wonder, how to increase vertical Jump, is there like a training course on how to achieve this goal ? Well the most popular program for this specific subject is the jump manual program. I have dedicated this page to write an honest, neutral Jump manual review.

In the next few paragraphs I am going to cover as much as I can about the Jump Manual program, like who is the creator of the program, specific info about the program, reviews & testimonials of people who bought the program, and of course the most important question to answer, “Will My Jump Manual Review can really improve vertical jump or ,and by how much? So you decide by yourself weather this program is most suited for you or you can forget it if it’s not, so bare with my till the end

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jump manual training review How to Improve Vertical Jump

The Jump Manual Review – In Brief What Is The Jump Manual ?

The Jump manual is a course written in a PDF ebook format, that was designed and created for those who are wondering, how to jump higher. Mainly the program is targeted for youth sports player, whether they are basketball, volleyball, netball, or any kind of sports that needs jumping high. The author of this program Jacob Hiller claims, that by following his techniques steps by step, and willing to commit to the program for about 12 weeks, anyone no matter age or gender, will see an increase in their vertical jump by 10 inches.

The Jump Manual Review – Who is Jacob Hiller?

Jacob Hiller jump manual training reviewsJacob Hiller is a professional basketball coach, he is experienced in this field for about 10 years. The best thing about Jacob, that he mainly focuses on how to increase your vertical, that is his specific field. He is very specified about what exactly he coaches, and knows a lot about it. Therefore his Jump Manual, has gained so much credit and popularity by just knowing Jacob Hiller as the author of the program.

The Jump Manual Review – What you will learn in the Jump Manual?

Well you will learn quite a lot of things, but it’s for you ti be able to increase your vertical. The following mainly describes the main general points the Jump Manual program will cover:

  • You will get a chart, that shows you each day what type of workout should you do, and with accompanied videos about the exercises.
  • You will be introduced about the formula Strength x Quickness = Explosion, and how you can apply Jacob Hiller’s techniques to enhance both.
  • You will learn “3 techniques” called “Stretch Shorting Cycle (SSC)”, plyometrics, and “Complex Training” to dramatically increase your performance.
  • You will learn how to get the most out of the recovery phase, it’s importance and why most athletes neglect it ?
  • Learn more about flexibility, balance and form, and why they are so important to get you the maximum results ?

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The Jump Manual Review – Bonuses

  • “Nutrition Plan” An eating guide that is essential, when doing any workout program, to maximize results.
  • “One-One-Coaching” Where you can ask Jacob Miller by email and get straight answers, if you have any concern, want advice, or have questions. I find this a huge plus to the program
  • “Interview With NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla” who has worked with NBA professionals.
  • “Interview with Peak Performance Psychologist Dr Patrick Cohn.”

jump manual bonuses

The Jump Manual Review – Some Disadvantages to Know About

Clearly know product or program is perfect so let me go over some important things to know before you buy the Jump Manual eBook.

  • Athletes with a 35”+ vertical jump already will see slower gains– If you already have a 35”+ vertical then you probably already know this but I just want to re-emphasize the facts. It will be tougher for you to see 10-15 inch gains in the first 6 weeks like others may see because the difference is that most people are starting around the 20-25 inch vertical jump range and to increase 10-15 inches from there is a very realistic concept. Chances are if you already have around a 35”+ vertical then you can still see another 10 inches added onto that but it may take a few months.
  • Weights are fairly important– Jacob Hiller has alternative workouts to those that you need to use weights so that you can still see results, however, I highly recommend having access to weights so that you can see greater gains quicker.

The Jump Manual Review – Advantages

  • It works– To state the obvious, this program really does work. You really will see gains and if you just stay focused and dedicated then it is not unlikely that you can see your vertical leap increase by 10”.
  • The best trust him– Olympic athletes, NBA athletes, as well as professional dunkers have trained with Jacob Hiller and really believe in him and have seen awesome results. If these athletes at the top of their game trust and believe in him then why wouldn’t we do the same? Shake off that doubt and believe you can do jump manual
  • Quick Workouts– One of the most difficult things about working out is the time commitment needed to get the results you want. If you train your vertical the right way then you do not need a ton of time each day to see results. That is what I love about vertical leap training. You can honestly put in 20 minutes and a max 30 minutes each day and see awesome results. Honestly, most days all it takes is 10 minutes.
  • Vertical jump workouts explained in detail– I mentioned it a bit earlier but it is extremely important to perform each exercise the correct way. Each workout is explained in detail in words and there is also a video showing you how to correctly do each exercise. What more do you need? Everything is laid out perfectly in front of you with the Jump Manual and sets you up for complete success.

The Jump Manual Review – What is people saying about body revolution?

When I searched for some testimonial, I found actually some positive feedback than expected. The below are some testimonial of people who have actually tried the Jump manual:

jump manual review testimonials

The Jump Manual Review – Conclusion

After some good research about the Jump manual, it can be concluded that this program is not for the lazy people who want to get fast results. It requires dedication and willpower, but if you are up to the challenge, then this program is definitely for you and you will definitely see some great results. I find also the on-one-coaching emails a great value to the program, it’s not just like another PDF, that the seller wants you to just buy, but with Jacob Hiller he want to make sure that even after you buy his program, that everything is working fine for you, and he is there for any help.

Jacob Hiller jump manual guarantee

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Jump manual review pdf full download– Thomas

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