The Healthy Way Diet Review

Is The Healthy Way Diet Review a Scam? Read this first!

One of the newest and most popular diet trends in the world today is the quickly growing The Healthy Way Diet program. For those who haven’t heard about The Healthy Way Diet it is a revolutionary new diet program that promises great results using the latest scientific advancements in diet & nutrition.

The program was written by diet experts who are reputable in their field. This is evident from the first page of reading one of the 8 separate eBooks that comes with the package.

Should you buy The Healthy Way Diet?

Are you thinking to buy The Healthy Way Diet?

Before you buy The Healthy Way Diet there are some things you should now or else you could be making a critical mistake. Even though The Healthy Way Diet is one of the best diet programs out there, like all diet programs it is not meant for everyone. Reading this full The Healthy Way Diet Review will help you in your decision making process so you can make the best selection possible.

If I buy The Healthy Way Diet, what do I get?

What you get in the Healthy Way Diet Review Package

In this The Healthy Way Diet review, I’m going to go over each of the 8 eBooks that comes with every purchase of The Healthy Way Diet.

For less than the price of “one diet book” at the book store or one month at the gym or even 15 minutes with a professional nutritionist you can have a complete set of excellently written, well researched eBooks that will ensure you hit all your weight loss and fitness goals if they are followed correctly.

So what are the 8 eBooks you get with each package sold of The Healthy Way Diet? Here are the 8 eBooks with a The Healthy Way Diet review for each one:

1. The Healthy Way Diet Review: 20 Magic Bullets

This eBook was the first one I read when I purchased The Healthy Way Diet and I have to say it is probably one of my favorites. The book is simple: 20 tips that you can start applying in your everyday life today that will make a very big difference towards your weight loss goals.

All of the 20 tips I read were interesting, made sense, and were easy to apply. For example, just by replacing all the sugar you use with honey you can cut out a lot of the processed sugar that sabotages many otherwise hardworking and careful dieters. Honey is a natural sweetener that is easy to find in stores and tastes just as good as the sugar many people dump in many of the things you eat. This at 19 other great tips are in this particular eBook and in my opinion are worth the asking price alone.

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2. The Healthy Way Diet Review: The Healthy Way Diet Manual

The Healthy Way Diet manual is the bread and butter of the package. This 153 page eBook should be called – The Dieter’s Bible- because that is exactly what it is!

This 11 chapter complete course on nutrition, weight loss, and fat burning is all you would probably want to know on how to successfully diet from Day 1. It includes an FAQ section for your demanding questions, reasons for weight gain, different types of diets and the benefits for each, setting your fitness goals, what is metabolism and how to boost it, and much, much more.

I took a course on nutrition and biochemistry back in my college days and I have to say I learned more from reading this course than I did in an entire semester. I even showed this manual to my friend who is a semi-professional dietician and they were blown by how much quality advice was in this particular eBook. When I was done reading it I felt like all my questions were answered and weight loss success was going to be a reality.

3. The Healthy Way Diet Review: Metabolism Questionnaire

This is one of the shorter eBooks that comes when you buy The Healthy Way Diet but is a very important one. In fact, if you skip this one you may be hurting your fitness goals so it is important that it’s included. Having said that, if you do buy The Healthy Way Diet make sure you do follow it.

What this eBook is is simply an accurate and scientifically proven way to calculate how many calories you burn on a daily basis. Every person burns calories at a different rate depending on their age, activity level, and height so it is important to know your Basic Metabolic Rate if you want to make a diet plan that is right for you.

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4. The Healthy Way Diet Review: Secrets to Mental Well Being

Professional dieticians everywhere can tell you one of the reasons many dieters don’t reach their weight loss goals is because something in their brain is making it difficult to continue with their weight loss journal. It is common that dieters have poor mental health while on their diet because their caloric intake rapidly drops and/or they are missing key ingredients in food that help the brain function correctly.

For example, Vitamin B is commonly found in meat and meat is sometimes dropped in diets because it is high fat contents. Vitamin B also helps with keeping energy levels up and for the brain to function correctly. Without Vitamin B and its variants, dieters will feel sick and may even abandon their weight loss mission because of just how bad they feel.

This eBook will help keep your mood up while you are dieting by helping how to choose foods that have the right nutrients and minerals that dieters often take for granted. It even has a couple tips on meditation and relaxing that will keep you mentally focused during your time trying The Healthy Way Diet. I admit I am a person that has a tough time sticking to things because my mind tells me to stop when I feel uncomfortable but I honestly did not feel uncomfortable while on The Healthy Way Diet, probably because the lessons I learned in this book.

5. The Healthy Way Diet Review: Quick Start Guide

Admittedly, The Healthy Way Diet is a pretty long course and many busy people will probably not have the time to carefully read over every page. Although there is a lot of high quality information in The Healthy Way Diet, it will probably not be read cover to cover for many dieters.

However, the creators of The Healthy Way Diet took this into account and included a “Quick Start Guide” designed specifically for the busy person who wants to lose weight but doesn’t have time to read everything. The Quick Start Guide is designed to be read in about 15 minutes and covers all the important aspects of dieting. It is even recommended you read this first and once you see the initial results you will read the more in depth The Healthy Way Diet manual to boost your fat burning.

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6. The Healthy Way Diet Review: Recipes Manual

This is probably what you really wanted to read about in a The Healthy Way Diet Review, the recipes guide.

This 119 page manual features 99 easy-to-cook recipes designed specifically to be compatible with The Healthy Way Diet. It features delicious recipes like beef stew, lemon cookies, mango salsa, chicken fingers, and much more. There are items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks…and of course, dessert.

Most of these recipes don’t require ingredients that are hard to find or are particularly expensive. I made about 6 of the items included (the pumpkin tarts were my favorite) in 20 minutes each for about $7 in ingredients and tasted great. I didn’t feel like I was on a diet but the scale told me I was!

7. The Healthy Way Diet Review: Shopping Guide

This short but sweet eBook will save you tons of money. Basically, The Shopping Guide helps you shop the precise amount you need for every meal. If your calculated daily caloric intake is 2,500 calories then the Shopping Guide will tell you how much of each ingredient you can have.

For example, for the “Lean Protein” section it labels one serving as 35 calories and equates various proteins by size so each serving is exactly 35 calories. For instance 2 medium sardines has the same caloric intake as 1oz of salmon.

Overall, very useful and will save you more money than the asking price for this eBook.

8. The Healthy Way Diet Review: Success Journal

They say one of the secrets of weight loss and success in general is to track progress and write it down. The Healthy Way diet heavily encourages this by tracking your weight, your diet, and your feelings every single day so you can see whether you are keeping track of your goals and seeing progress.

I personally printed out about 30 days worth of days and kept it next to my kitchen. At the end of each meal I would record what I ate, how I felt that day, and what my weight was if I knew it. This showed me that in the past week I lost X amount and how I felt. I think it gave me the extra confidence boost to know The Healthy Way Diet was indeed working.

The Healthy Way Diet Program Review full package

What makes buy The Healthy Way Diet different than all other diet programs?

One of the unique features about The Healthy Way Diet is just how custom fitted it is to virtually any person by age, appetite, or food needs. The expert nutritionists who designed the entire program made sure it is the easiest diet in the world to follow but also at the same time being as effective as possible. The result of this hard work and effort is The Healthy Way Diet which is especially made to stick to for months & years, not a couple days.

We all know one of the major problems with sticking with a diet is it gets boring after awhile, the food choices are limited, and eventually we get so fed up with the diet we decide to abort it all together, going back to our previous weight and maybe even then some. What’s the point of dieting if that is just what is going to happen virtually every single time? The answer of course is a diet program that is easy to stick with, easy to follow, and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life so you have long term, permanent weight loss! The days of being overweight, unfit and sick are over and the time of being fit, thin, and sexy start now!

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What are the food selections like when I buy The Healthy Way Diet?

One of the central ingredients of any successful diet plan is the food that is eaten. After all, that’s what the diet is! When you buy The Healthy Way Diet and see the diet plan you will be very shocked by just how much you can eat in this program. The central philosophy of this diet is to not eat sugar, processed foods, and foods that seem to appear to be healthy but are actually very bad for you. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

This means you can eat as many vegetables, meat, and certain fruits as you want. Some particular foods that are very common in this program are chili, cheeses, sausage, chicken, steak, broccoli, apple pie, beans, eggs, and several other common, popular foods. There aren’t any crazy food items you have to buy at some weird store and you certainly don’t have to restrict yourself of your favorite foods. The course simply states eat as much as you want of the following but avoid these other food items. No calorie counting, no depriving yourself of delicious food, and no guessing. When you buy The Healthy Way Diet you’ll be surprised just how easy to is to follow and quickly you’ll lose weight.

What comes in the package when I buy The Healthy Way Diet?

the healthy way diet review guaranteeFor the price of less than one diet book at the book store, with The Healthy Way Diet you get 8 total eBooks, each one unique from the others. This means for just $47 you get all the nutrition and diet information you need to start losing weight immediately with a complete, how-to guide on how-to-eat, where to find all the ingredients, how to prepare the food, how to track your progress, and much… much more.

The books you get when you buy The Healthy Way Diet are very well written too. It is evident that these weren’t written by amateur nutritionists but rather experienced, professional diet and weight loss experts who wrote The Healthy Way Diet with passion. All the tips the writers detail make sense scientifically, are easy to understand, and simply make sense. It was a real joy reading all 300+ pages that spanned all 8 eBooks.

The Healthy Way Diet creators also included a diet log so you can track your progress by meal, day, week, and year. This makes it easy to see how much you’re eating, what you’re eating, and where you should be after a few weeks. This really made following the diet super easy and super fun.


Overall, I thought The Healthy Way Diet is an excellent product. If you decide to buy The Healthy Way Diet and you find out the program is not what you wanted you can always return it within 60 days for a full refund. I think 60 days is more than enough time to start seeing results so after 60 days you will probably have a very good idea about how wonderful this product is and how well it is structured to make weight loss fast, easy, inexpensive, and fun.

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