The Best Weight Loss Plan For Women in Menopause

Menopause is the ending of the menstrual cycle of the woman, and the period before the actual menopause (perimenopause) is very difficult for almost all women, and usually means gaining a few (or a few more) pounds. This happens as a result to the hormonal changes in the body. The loss of estrogen decreases the growth of the muscles and allows the fat tissue to take over, while the metabolism drops. Women can mitigate this process with the best weight loss plan we are going to explain in this article, but let’s clear things right at the beginning: it takes a lot of effort and devotion, because the woman’s appetite is increased at this period, and harder to take under control.

The loss of muscle leads to best weight loss plan

The hormonal changes into the body of a woman during menopause affect the growth of muscle tissue. The menopause happens somewhere around the age of fifty, but women start losing an average of half pound of muscle every year starting from their thirties. The muscle mass has the ability to burn more calories than the cells of fat do, and once they are created, the cells of fat unfortunately never disappear and they stand there waiting for new food which will make them expand even further. When the body gets into the situation to have less muscle and more fat, the metabolism significantly downshifts. The process of gaining weight usually starts during the period of perimenopause, and women gain an average of one pound a year. Losing that gained weight is not easy and women really need the best weight loss plan which includes not only healthy food, but regular exercise too.

the best weight loss plan for women in menopause

The best weight loss plan: eat healthy!

There is no such thing as a menopausal diet which would be adequate for every individual woman in that period. All women have different bodies, different hormonal status and different lifestyles. But there is one best weight loss advice that suits everybody without any exceptions: start eating healthier! Only few little, but significant changes in your habits of eating can help you lose an average of one pound a week and keep that rhythm constantly if you don’t disrupt the new lifestyle. Avoiding processed food and eating more natural products such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains – you will definitely keep your body attractive for longer. Limit the calories and try as much as possible to control the cravings. If you need a snack, you can eat a few almonds, walnuts or a small piece of dark chocolate. Drink low-fat yogurt and milk and make sure to balance your diet in a way that will provide your body with all of the necessary minerals and vitamins it needs in order to stay energized.

Best weight loss products

Proteins are a very important part of every diet plan because they provide the body with enough energy to get through a busy day. The best weight loss plan should include 10-25% of calories that come from protein, so make sure to eat more seeds, nuts, turkey, chicken and seafood (particularly salmon). You should also include soy, beans and lentils, since they are a rich source of protein too. With the age, the body needs more time to digest the food, so you must increase the intake of fiber in order to process the food faster and prevent constipation. Good fiber sources which are insoluble are the vegetables and wheat bran. You can get soluble fiber from dried beans, oats and certain fruits, including oranges and apples. It is recommended for you to take smaller meat portions, and avoid red meat because it is a source of saturated fat which increases the levels of cholesterol. Fried food, cookies, crackers, donuts, cakes and such products should be gone from your dieting.

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