The Best Way To Lose Weight

Eat foods with low calorie, drink lots of water, exercise, do yoga, aerobics, some even stop eating all together and the list is endless but question begs, do all these actually work and is there really the best way to lose weight? According to the world health organization, a billion people worldwide are overweight, twenty two million of this number being children under the age of five. Therefore, if these statistics are anything to go by, everyone who falls under this category wants to lose weight. So what exactly is the best ways to lose weight?

The human body needs food to get energy. However, if it is taken in excess, then it’s stored as fats hence weight gain. If this process of excess consumption continues for a lengthy period, the body adapts to the changes and gets used to storing the excess as fat. Therefore, if the need for energy does not increase with the excess consumption, then your doctor on your next medical checkup will most definitely advise you on the best way to lose weight.

It is not easy to lose weight, but neither is it hard. How you ask? Well, all one really requires is discipline and commitment. Your will to lose the weight should exceed your love for food and in time your efforts will pay off plus maintain positive mental attitude. Since many calories are stored in the body without use, you must start with reduction of the calories you consume on a daily basis. Burn off the excess fat by increasing your level of activity i.e. walking to work instead of driving, using the stairs instead of the elevator and even taking your bicycle around the block when your at home instead of just idling around.

Reduction of Intake of Calories

Another best way to lose weight is to reduce your intake of calories. This does not mean you go on a very low calorie diet, as it might lead to anorexia due to binging. When you also suddenly go on a very low calorie diet, you might be burning muscle instead of fat, which, in turn, will lead to frustration, and then you are back to the eating habits. The purpose is to eat less and workout more.

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Knowing Your BMI

Before you even start on a weight lose programme, the first thing you should know is your body mass index (BMI). Knowing your BMI helps you know the ideal weight for your body size. In order to know your BMI, your weight in pounds, should be divided by your height then multiplied by seven hundred and three and the answer you get is your BMI.

Change of Lifestyle

In addition, another best ways to lose weight is change of lifestyle. It’s a booster in your weight loss plan for example, if you take alcoholic drinks on a regular basis, reducing it would prove useful to you weight loss. In addition, always remember to record your progress.

After some time, sign yourself to a fitness club or gymnasium. With the aid of a training assistant, and the discipline still intact, you will notice some changes in your body weight.
Moral support from loved ones also plays a big part in the success of your weight loss programme. When people are in search of the best way to lose weight, somewhere along the road they tend to lose hope but with the love and support of loved ones, they do not lose much and are able to get back on track.  The Fitbit is a recommended tool for helping with weight loss.

But loosing weight is no joke, takes a lot sweat and tears and the few that have made it, can all confidently say that the perseverance was worth it. Weight loss is not just about burning the excess fat, but there are also some health benefits. For women loosing weight reduces their risk of getting diabetes and for men, risks of getting heart diseases reduces.

But take note that not all who venture into the world of weight loss come out successful, it is hard work but with the right frame of mind, it ends up being fun and the outcome is all so worth it. Just remember, if at first you do not succeed, try and try again.

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