TACFIT Commando Review – Is It Right For You?

Scott Sonnon Tacfit Commando ReviewsI’ll just kick off this post by mentioning that TACFIT Commando is a great program for a variety of reasons, but isn’t the end-all-be-all workout.  Growing up, I always thought it would be fun (and tough) to give a military boot camp a try.  I love physical challenges but I’m not quite prepared to join the military at this point in my life (although I highly respect those who have chosen to do so and serve our country…THANK YOU!).

I initially bought TACFIT Commando in hopes of getting a grueling and tough workout plan that delivered results.  This program delivered that, plus more!

One of  the biggest benefits of the TACFIT Commando workout is the level of efficiency.  Each workout is only 20 minutes, and covers as much ground as many programs do in 1 hour. Talk about INTENSE!

Here’s the deal: there are many programs out there that can build impressive physiques. I’ve tried several and have gotten a physique I like, and dropped my body fat percentage between 5-8% which showed my results even better.  However, many of these programs focus on building a specific physique or ‘look’.  While TACFIT Commando can certainly get you there, you need to understand that this program is MOSTLY geared towards strength building.


My TACFIT Commando Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this program.  You need to note that this is coming from a guy who actually ENJOYS difficult challenges and workouts. My favorite workout before this was Beach Body’s Insanity, but TACFIT Commando easily challenged the podium.  The workouts were intense, but I especially loved how quick and efficient they were…I could do an entire workout during my lunch break and still have spare time!

So, What is the TACFIT Commando Boot Camp Workout?

TACFIT Commando is an ultra-intense workout program that is based on actual routines developed by Scott Sonnon to train some of the most elite police, security, and military units in existence today.

The TACFIT Commando workouts are made up of extremely effective bodyweight exercises that are designed to increase your freedom of movement, strength, and athletic ability at the same time. Instead of focusing purely on the aesthetic aspect of working out (as is the case with traditional bodybuilding programs), this training system focuses on developing and maximizing functional strength.

The TACFIT Commando workout is the same program that the Israeli Special Forces use for their troops. It is a bodyweight workout that doesn’t require gear or equipment, allowing you to complete the workouts whenever and wherever you want. TACFIT commando takes bodyweight exercises to an entirely new level and allows you to work parts of your body typically ignored by other workouts.

TACFIT Commando Review – Who is Scott Sonnon?

Scott Sonnon Tacfit commando workout reviewScott Sonnon is the famous martial arts expert and fitness coach who designed the popular TACFIT Commando workout. In addition to TACFIT Commando, he has also created other fitness programs to cater to the needs of individuals who not only want to look good, but need to perform at high levels as well.

Scott Sonnon’s Background

Growing up, Scott Sonnon faced numerous health challenges, including crippling joint pain, dyslexia, and several other physical and mental disabilities that might have permanently disabled any other child. He also fought myopia which could have blinded him when he was young.

In 1994, Scott became the Pan American Sambo champion and the National Sambo coach of the U.S. Sambo Association. During that time, he was also the recipient of several awards, honors, and recognition by various departments including the Police Department.

Scott Sonnon’s Clubbells

It was Scott Sonnon’s world renowned fitness invention known as the “Clubbell” that won him a patent and worldwide recognition in 2003. This innovative design became a key component in his Circular Strength Training program (or CST).

In 2009, because of his breakthrough in creating ultra-effective fitness programs, Scott Sonnon was appointed as coach of the U.S. martial arts team for the 2010 World Martial Art Games. During the past year, he’s also set a world record by doing 1,433 repetitions with a 25 lbs Clubbell in only an hour.

Scott Sonnon is also the founder of RMAX International and the creator of the circular strength system. He is a pioneer in health and fitness and has studied the philosophies of health and physics for almost 20 years.

Scott Sonnon Tacfit Commando Review Scam Or Legit?


I bought TACFIT Commando due to the seemingly high intensity of the workouts (we’ll see if it’s up to snuff!). I love to push myself and I love to see results, whether visually, or through a noticeable improvement in physical strength.  So far, my favorite workout program has been Beach Body’s Insanity series and I’m hoping this can knock it off the podium.  I had great results with Insanity (I went from 14% body fat to less than 8% and looked & felt great).  I hope that this program is as good as it says. To be HONEST, I AM a bit skeptical that I’ll be able to get similar results considering the workouts are only 20-30 minutes long in the TACFIT Commando program.  But, I figured why not give it a try?!

I know I have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so I feel like I have NOTHING TO LOSE!


I want to lose fat and build muscle. What guy doesn’t, am I right?! I’m hoping to have awesome before & after pictures  like you see on TV and sales pages everywhere. Not because I want to say how amazing this program is (although I’ll be happy to say that if it works), but so I can LOOK GREAT for my wife (how’s that for brutal honesty?).  Right now I’m hovering around 15% body fat and I want to drop below 10% by the end of the program.

I am excited to share my progress with you as I start this journey, and I hope to compile a detailed TACFIT Commando review for you in the end.

If you want to check out the program for yourself, read more here!

Scott Sonnon Tacfit Commando Review Scam Or Not?

Should YOU buy TACFIT Commando? Perhaps.

It fully depends on what you’re looking for.  I enjoyed the program but not everyone will.  I’m not a fan of weights and was so glad to be able to get complete and intense workouts without extra weights. This is a full bodyweight workout.  If you are looking for a workout that adds bulk or simply works the ‘pumping’ action of many workouts to ‘build’ your muscles (actually more like ‘fluff’ your muscles b/c muscle density is not very high in those workouts… it’s all about looks), look elsewhere. TACFIT Commando will leave you lean, with built shoulders & pecs, leg muscles, and a solid core; how much definition you finish with will depend on your ability to follow the diet program well, but the biggest goal of this program is to increase muscle density and enhance your functional muscle groups.

Which Program Should You Buy?

I’m always hunting for deals to check out fitness programs, especially ones that I’ve done. Honestly, it’s a bit frustrating to see this huge discount appear after I bought the program at full price, but I’m not complaining…I feel like it was easily worth the full price I paid. Well, I recently found this AMAZING deal on the TACFIT Commando programs and I wanted to share them with you…

For a limited time, you can get the complete TACFIT Commando program (either Basic or Deluxe) for 51% off the normal price, plus THREE Free Bonus gifts (see below)!

This is not a public offer; you can only find this on a few exclusive websites that have a special relationship with the TACFIT program. This discounted rate is only available for a limited time, so be sure to get it while you still can.

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