How to Stay Physically Fit During Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! You are in for an amazing adventure. Everything you do now will impact not one but two of you. Part of this journey will be based on your genetic makeup and your personal history but much of how your pregnancy proceeds will be in your hands. So, during this period, should you remain physically fit?

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Your thoughts, choices, and feelings will play integral roles over the next nine months. How you treat yourself and your unborn child should take center stage and being physically fit will benefit you both.

It is wise to learn as much as possible to have the best pregnancy possible, to be ready for labor and to have a healthy baby. Being physically fit is always important but never more so than when you are pregnant. Here are some effective ideas to boost your physical fitness as well as your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

4 Practical Tips to Be Physically Fit During Your Pregnancy

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#1. Eating Well

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It is vital that you eat nutritious foods full of vitamins, minerals and all the necessary ingredients for making a healthy human being. Eat small meals and snack throughout the day. As the baby gets bigger, your stomach will be competing for space. Small, frequent meals are the way to go. Choose fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains first. They provide the most nutrition per bite and will help you gain the right amount of baby weight.

#2. Drinking Plenty of Water

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You will be drinking for two. So never let yourself get too thirsty. Drink plenty of pure water during the day. And keep a glass by your bedside to sip through the night and in the wee hours of the morning. It is one of the fundamental facts of pregnancy that you wake in the night and have to pee a lot. So, relax into it and keep drinking that water.

#3. Sleeping the Right Number of Hours

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Your body is working overtime to create a new human being so rest as often as you can. Naps in the afternoon are wonderful. If you are working and naps are not possible, at least take breaks and get off your feet several times a day. At night, go to bed as early as you can and sleep as long as you can.

An eight-hour sleep is ideal, but you may need a little more to make up for the frequent periods of wakefulness you might experience. Sleep will be thoroughly interrupted in the first weeks (sometimes months) after the baby is born so rest often whenever you get the chance.

If you have trouble sleeping make sure to exercise during the day. Exercise has so many positive effects on your body while pregnant. Helping you sleep better is one of the great benefits.

#4. Exercising Regularly

a pregnant woman working out outdoors

It is a well-known fact that being physically fit benefits you and your baby immensely. There are many exercises you can do while pregnant. Check in with your doctor at one of your appointments and talk about the best exercise for you.

1. Walking

Walking may be the perfect way to stay fit. It is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Plus, it gets you outside in the sun. The sunshine is your friend. Ten to 20 minutes a day provides enough of the sun’s energy to lighten your mood, enhance your Vitamin D level and put a healthy glow on your skin.

2. Running at a Milder Pace

If you have been a runner before your pregnancy, you can continue running throughout your pregnancy. You will know when to adjust the length and intensity of your run as your pregnancy develops.

3. Swimming

Swimming is another wonderful form of exercise. Getting into the water will buoy you up and take some of the weight off your bones. Water is a primordial element and swimming in fresh or salty water is a lovely way to energize your body and keep it in tiptop shape.

4. Other Fun Physical Activities

There are dance and aerobic classes designed especially for pregnant women. Look for one in your community.

Yoga is another excellent form of exercise. Many yoga studios offer prenatal yoga classes. Along with specific yoga postures for the pregnant woman, prenatal classes are a great place to meet new friends. Making friends with experienced and expectant mothers can build a broad support system and a source of valuable knowledge. Physically fit women are likely to be better prepared for delivery and quicker postpartum recovery.

Bottom Line

Being physically fit means a lot more than how many steps you walk or how many hours you spend at the gym. It also means being emotionally and mentally ready for the different stages of your pregnancy. Being physically fit will allow you to be as ready as you can for the birth of your child.

These are a few of the essential reasons to be physically fit and mentally strong, not just while pregnant but for all motherhood. Begin now and keep it up for life.

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