An Honest Sleep Tracks Review – Is This A Scam?

Sleep Tracks Review – My Honest Opinion

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—————- Sleep Tracks Review —————-

If you have been suffering from insomnia, and fed up of waking up every morning feeling tired and unproductive, then Yan Muckle’s Sleep Tracks might be your solution.

I have suffered from sleep deprivation symptoms for many years and have tried almost every way you can think of from counting sheeps to taking otc sleep aids – valerian and diphenhydramine particularly.  None of these have worked consistently. Not mentioning that they did more harm than good to me.

I have been searching high and low for the best sleep aid but my effort did not pay off. Then one day, I came across Sleep Tracks. Since then, my life has changed completely. I used to wake up feeling groggy and exhausted despite being in bed for over 8 hours.

But now I can fall asleep instantly every night, and that has improved my work performance and relationship with my family and friends.  I no longer need to find out how to go to sleep fast anymore!

With Yan Muckle’s Sleep Tracks, you can also wave insomnia goodbye!

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Sleep Tracks is for you if

  • You spend hours trying to fall asleep at night
  • You wake up frequently in “the middle of the night”
  • You wake up feeling tired even after 8 hours in bed
  • You are suffering from lack of sleep side effects
  • You have tried other remedies for sleep but they do not work

Sleep Tracks

Yan Muckle’s sleeptracks talks about the 3 key concepts to help you sleep – remove obstacles, adopt sleep friendly habits, and brain entrainment. He is an expert in the latter method, and has put together professionally engineered tracks to guide your brain to produce specific, sleep-inducing brainwaves to help you go to sleep fast.

Sleep Tracks Review – What you get from Sleep Tracks?

His programme consists of 5 optimal sleep courses in video presentation formats and 4 audio music tracks to help you fall fast into deep sleep.

He also talks about the importance of adopting sleep reduction techniques when you have trouble falling asleep. He guides you through a list of things you should do when you can’t fall asleep, and stresses that staying in bed to force yourself into sleep is a bad idea.


Insomnia buster – This track is meant to be used before bed. It is not to put you to sleep. Its purpose is to re-condition your brain for optimal sleep. Use it once a day for “30 minutes before bedtime”, or “any other time during the day.”

Fall asleep – This track is to be used as you’re going to sleep. It will guide you gently from a fully awake state to a sleeping state. It is especially useful for those who are tense and anxious. Use this alongside with insomnia buster, they will complement each other.

Whole night – This track accompanies you during the whole night and make sure you spend a significant portion of it in the deep stage of sleep. This track lasts for 90 minutes and it mimics the full sleep cycle. It is useful for those who wakes up frequently at night, suffers from light sleep, snores and suffers from light apnea. You need to set your music player to LOOP, so it will repeat itself whole night.

Wake up – This is a bonus track that you can listen to anytime for energy boost.

sleep tracks review pdf download

Premium Tracks

Power nap – Use the power nap track when you are taking a nap during the day, Do not nap more than 20 minutes!

Anxiety ease – If you want to let go any unhappy events, you can practice meditation while using the anxiety ease track, it helps those who are tense and anxious to relax.

All the above sleeping sounds are very effective in combating insomnia compared to other ways to fall asleep.

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Optimal Sleep Course

There are 5 video presentations, each lasts over 30 minutes long :

optimal sleep with sleep tracks review

1. Discover the secrets of sleep waves

1 Discover the secrets of sleep waves sleep tracks pdf

2. Supercharge your days and deepen your nights

2 Supercharge your days and deepen your nights sleep tracks ebook

3. Take control over your sleep

3 Take control over your sleep sleep tracks book

4. Get rid of the sleep enemies

4 Get rid of the sleep enemies sleep tracks system

5. Nap your way to productivity and peak energy

5 Nap your way to productivity and peak energy sleep tracks program

Sleep Tracks Review – Pros And Cons Of Sleep Tracks

Just like every product I have reviewed, nothing is perfect, and there is no exception to my Sleep Tracks review for you.

The Cons Of Sleep Tracks

  • You get maximal benefit only if you listen to the tracks with headphones. Without them, you won’t be able to hear the binaural beat which is the main element to train your brain to go to sleep fast, if you find using headphones uncomfortable, you can use the music pillow instead.
  • The basic membership does not include Power nap track and Anxiety ease track, you have to pay extra $8, to get access to them.
  • Sleep Tracks is not suitable for those with medical conditions especially epileptics, those wearing pace makers, pregnant woman, and those who are prone to seizures due to noise pulses in the audios that may stimulate the brainwaves.
  • Using the tracks inappropriately can make you wide awake. Each track works in a different manner to help you sleep, some are meant to be used before bed, some during bed time, and others to help boost energy, you need to understand what each track does for you prior to use.

sleep tracks review testimonials and success stories

The Pros Of Sleep Tracks

  • Sidebar subtopics in the presentation videos are useful; you can skip certain subtopics that are not applicable to you.
  • Yan Muckle explained about the types of insomnia, ie. Phantom insomnia, this information can’t be found anywhere on the internet.
  • Tracks (Sleeping sounds) are in mp3 format so it can be transferred to mp3 players and ipod to be listened on the go. It is especially useful for those who are prone to anxiety and panic attacks before exams, driving test or public speaking.
  • Yan Muckle introduced alternative ways of getting sunlight for those who are housebound or those who live in cold countries all year round i.e. Lightbox
  • No over the counter sleep aids involved
  • There is also a 9 pages of detailed questions and answers section in his Sleep Tracks manual.

sleep tracks pdf download


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