6 Common Signs of Workout Burnout and Ways to Overcome Them

Exercising is great for your health, mental well-being, and your body. But exercising too much can lead to workout burnout. When you feel burnt-out, it can affect you in a variety of ways. If you’re worried you have been overexercising, have no fear. We’ve compiled a list of the top signs of burnout and what you can do to overcome them.

1. Too Much Sleep or Not Enough Sleep

man who can't get enough sleep

Restlessness or insomnia is one of the biggest signs of burnout. If you have been exercising too much, your body can become stressed and send-out stressful hormones that make sleeping difficult. Sometimes, you can also sleep too much when you’re overexercising because the body needs to repair itself.

What to Do

If you begin to feel this way, you be sure to get your sleep-schedule on a routine, try meditating or taking a bath before bed, and ease up on your physical activity for a few days.

2. Irritability, Moodiness, Lack of Motivation, or Disinterest

When your body has become worn down, your brain can also become fatigued. Mental-fatigue can make you feel moody, upset easily, or agitated at even the littlest of things. Be sure to get some rest, because these mood changes are your brain’s way of telling you to slow down. Take 2 or 3 days off to take some stress of your mental-state.

What to Do

If you are simply procrastinating or have completely lost your interest in working out, you should take a break from your normal workout routine and try something different. Take a walk, do an outdoor activity, etc. You can also use a few days to get a massage, take a bath, and take a break. You can come back to exercising feeling refreshed.

3. Exhaustion Instead of Energy

woman exhausted after workout, one of the major signs of burnout

Your workouts should leave you feeling energized and not exhausted. If you get done working out and are completely wrought with exhaustion, this is one of the key signs of burnout. More than likely, you are pushing yourself too hard. Your workouts should leave you feeling pumped for the rest of your day.

What to Do

When this happens, you may not need to take a few days’ rest, but maybe try scaling back the intensity of your workout for a few days. They may have simply become too much or your body wasn’t ready to increase the workout load.

4. Slow-Recovery Times or Frequent Sickness

When your body is trying to tell you it has had enough, it can send you all types of different signals. Your immune system can have problems bouncing back and functioning properly when your brain and body have no gotten enough rest.

What to Do

If it seems like your body won’t bounce back or you keep fighting off sickness, your body is telling you to rest. Take 3 days to an entire week to rest, eat healthy, and get yourself back to a good physical/mental-state. If necessary, see a doctor during this time.

5. Decreased Performance

sad woman sitting on an elliptical bicycle

Feeling like your workout performance is lacking all of a sudden? A decrease in performance is one of the earliest signs of burnout, though often ignored. Your mental and physical performance will not be at its best when you are tired, moody, and unhealthy.

What to Do

If you catch your performance slacking, try taking a break for just a day or two. Go do something you enjoy, hang out with friends, or binge-watch your favorite shows. Your body is simply telling you to slow down before you do harm.

6. Diminished Appetite or Increased Body-Fat

These signs of burnout are a result of many factors after exercising too much. When you are burnt-out, your immune system, energy, and mood are decreased. Your discomfort, fatigue, and exhaustion are increased however. This could result in less ambition to eat, and more issues creating muscle.

What to Do

You have to eat to not only maintain your exercise regimen, but as part of being healthy overall. If your appetite is lagging, try eating smaller snacks throughout the day. To build better muscle, focus on a clean diet and take necessary breaks for recovery-time.

Wrapping Up

Not recognizing when you’re exercising too much can lead to injury and unnecessary suffering, but it can easily be avoided. Look out for your own signs of overexercising and remember our tips to help you overcome them. Never be ashamed to take a rest and never ignore these six common signs of burnout.

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