Pre Diabetes Diet: Healthier Living, Healthier Life

People with the condition of pre diabetes are definitely at a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes, and this condition is quite reversible, thanks to special health precautions that are available today. Pre diabetes is a silent condition, with no symptoms or signs, diagnosed only through medical tests, and is one of the biggest health epidemics in America. From being a condition suffered only by older people, diabetes has now surfaced among the young too, right from the twenties.

All those who want to ward off the chances of being diagnosed with type II diabetes would do well to follow a pre diabetes diet that can help control your blood sugar levels. A good two-pronged strategy in this regard is to combine a controlled easy diet plan with lots of physical activity that would keep the body hale and hearty. Shedding weight can be a good way to reducing the chances of diabetes. There are plenty of suggestions given by the American Diabetes Association.

Studies have shown that the intervention of proper diet and exercise does wonders to reduce the chances of the pre-diabetic condition to actually develop into full-blown type-2 diabetes. People who have been affected by the pre diabetes condition can now adopt the pre diabetes diet and exercise regime into their life and deter the chances of diabetes from affecting them later on.

pre diabetes diet

A pre diabetes diet is generally different other general diet regimes in that the former helps lower and control blood sugar levels while the latter may not specifically address this issue. A typical pre-diabetic diet restricts the intake of sugar or carbohydrate while increasing the consumption of fiber foods. One of the many tips of a pre diabetes diet is that the intake of whole fruits is to be preferred over the juices as the latter does not have fiber and facilitates faster absorption of the sugars.

xtreme fat loss dietAnother tip to be included in the diet regime is that vegetables like potatoes and other roots must be taken with their peels on, as these peels add to the fiber content and balance the carbohydrates. Cutting out on the fast-foods is mandatory, though a complete exile is not needed! One can prepare the delicious-looking burgers and pizzas at home itself, using healthy whole-grain breads and including very less fat content.

A very simple way to stash away excess calories (without eating them, of course!) is to incorporate a salad as a starter course, before every meal which will ensure the calorie intake remains well within limits. One need not always imagine bad-looking greenies and leaves on the plate whenever the word ‘diet’ comes into picture. Using healthy foods, one can easily cook up wonderful, tasty dishes without allowing the calories to shoot up. This way the pre diabetes condition is reversed and a satisfactory meal-regime exists. Yes, the strawberry stuffed whole-grain pancakes, wheat pastas with chicken and broccoli with cheese low in fat with a huge quota of vegetables sums up for the sumptuous pre diabetes diet!

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