Find Out How to Practice the Murph Workout

There are not many people who can handle the Murph workout, especially beginners. This intensive program is an an elite workout that people are now boasting about for finishing it on Memorial Day.

It consists of running a mile, then doing 100 pull-ups followed by 200 push-ups and 300 unweighted squats. The cherry on top is a triumphal ending with another one-mile run. Sounds simple, right?

Although it might seem impossible now, if you practice slowly and chunk it down, you too could take part in this annual tradition and complete the Murph on Memorial Day. Here is a simple guide on how to practice for the Murph workout.

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1. Learn to Pace Yourself

Don’t get all excited at the thought of showing everyone you have what it takes by running that first mile like you are hunted down by jaguars. Most people burn out that first mile. However, this burst is going to leave your tank too empty to complete the rest.

Usually, this workout takes an hour even for the elite. As a result, you should remember to pace yourself like it was a 10k race. Only in the final feet can you allow yourself to speed up if you still have enough gas.

2. Understand Where You Stand

Only those who have completed the challenge or are in peak physical state will add the 20-pound vest to the workout. Therefore, don’t start your training right with the vest on. Otherwise, this additional accessory might crush you before you even get to the heart of the workout. If you actually complete the Murph workout, then next year you can train to drag around an extra twenty pounds to give you more incentive to compete again.

3. Prepare for Longer Workouts

In order to prepare for those huge sets, decide your goals higher today and keep pushing until you exceed them. A set of 200 push-ups seems like a lot right now. Therefore, start with a more sustainable goal of 50.

After a while, you can raise the bar to 100, then 150, then 200, and finally try for 250. If you can do 250 push-ups consistently, doing 200 in the Murph workout will feel like a piece of cake.

4. Run Longer Distances

Many people who take on the Murph focus on the middle of the routine. That’s because they can run 10 miles or more with ease.

The right mindset for this challenge is to perceive the first mile as the easy part. The real challenge will begin with your last mile. This final task might break you.

To prepare your heart and lungs for an intense aerobic effort, start running longer distances a week before the workout. Getting used to longer races than you actually need will help you build muscular strength and endurance. A slow and steady 5-mile run will help your body prepare for the aerobic workload of the Murph.

5. Create Your Own Murph Strategy

When training to take on the Murph workout, you want to go slower than you normally would. Break up those 600 reps into smaller chunks, like 5-10-15.

If you can easily do 5 pull-ups, then 10 push-ups, followed by 15 squats, multiply it by 20 rounds, and you made it. This strategy will minimize transitions and help to prevent you from crushing your muscles too fast.

6. Eat and Drink Properly

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Leading up to the day of the big race, you want to avoid any alcohol in your body. In fact, during the days leading up to the workout, you should be drinking plenty of water and eating carbs and meat.

The better food you put in the body, the more fuel you will have to sustain you from the beginning of the first mile to the last steps of that last mile. Keep in mind that physical training will get you only half of the way. A proper diet and hydration will take care of the rest.

7. Run at Your Own Race

The goal here is not to be the first person to cross the finish line. On the contrary, you only need to make it to the finish line. This workout can crush even professional athletes. As a result, you have to stick to your plan and run your own race.

Run that first mile as slow as you can. Afterward, start breaking up those 600 reps into the smaller rounds we discussed. Don’t pay attention to the others contestants. This challenge is all about testing your limits and meeting or exceeding your goals for the big day.

Final Word

If you have what it takes to complete the Murph this Memorial Day on May 28, you will be in an elite group. If you have completed the Murph workout, please share some of your tips here to help our readers get into shape to take on this extreme challenge.

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