Plan My Baby Review – Does Plan My Baby Make Gender Selection a Reality?

Plan My Baby Review

Hey everyone! My name is Cori Budd. I’m a mother of two and looking to have another one coming soon!

Actually, that’s the reason I started this website. I heard gender selection was a reality now. For those of you who don’t know, gender selection is about choosing what gender your child will be BEFORE it’s born.

Sounds a bit science-fiction, does it not? Anyways, I was curious as to whether or not this would actually work. For this reason, I thought I’d start this website to document my progress and review actual products like Plan My Baby

If I find something that works, I’ll post a review of it up!

Alicia Pennington plan my baby reviews

My husband and I already have two children, but we felt there was something missing in our family. So far, we have a wonderful son and a beautiful daughter. He and I decided we wanted to have another baby boy for a few reasons I’ll discuss later. We purchased Alicia Pennington’s book Plan My Baby to give it a try. Here’s what I found after using the book PlanMyBaby book.

Plan My Baby Review – What Is Plan My Baby?

Alicia Pennington spent years researching baby gender selection methods as a midwife. After developing a method, she tested it on herself and on other couples and achieved a 94% success rate. Her method doesn’t require medications, drugs or medical procedures, so it’s safe to try.

Some of the things I learned in her guide were how to avoid the common mistakes other people often make, develop a diet which would allow me to choose my baby’s gender and time intimacy with my husband to increase the chances we would have a correctly gendered baby.

The Plan My Baby gender choosing guide is very simple to read and was actually very easy to follow. We chose between the Plan My Baby Prince or Princess guide and ended up deciding we wanted to conceive a boy.

Please note this is just my plan my baby review

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When I started reading, I was immediately impressed by how simple it was! Alicia Pennington has clearly taken time to write her book in a simple way. I don’t have too much of a background in science, but the difficult terms were defined in a way that anyone could understand.

Overall, I would say Plan My Baby was one of the absolute best baby books I’ve ever read, and by far the best baby gender selection book I’ve seen. The Plan My Baby shower ideas were unique and fun and I really feel I got my money’s worth.

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Plan My Baby Review – Did It Work For Me?

I’d tried other gender selection guides in the past when my husband and I had our first two children. For the first child, we wanted a girl. Instead, we had a boy. We love our son, but the gender selection guide was a disappointment.

We wanted our second child to be another boy, so we tried using a different gender selection guide. This guide was wrong, too! We got a girl instead of a boy. Just like with our son, we’re very happy with our daughter, but we weren’t thrilled about wasting more money on yet another gender selection guide that didn’t work.

We almost just left the gender of our next child up to chance, but we thought we’d give another program one more try. Plan My Baby gender selection technique was the most promising looking book we could find, so we purchased it and tried out the process.

For this last child, my husband and I wanted another baby boy. We followed the Alicia Pennington book and were thrilled 9 months later when I gave birth to a beautiful son! Finally, we’d found a gender selection method that actually worked!

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Plan My Baby Review – Is It Worth The Cost?

My husband and I had looked into having an IVF procedure or using frozen embryos to choose the gender of our baby, but those methods only promise a 50% success rate. That just wasn’t good enough, especially for the cost. We just didn’t have thousands of dollars to throw away on a system that couldn’t promise success!

Other gender selection methods require drugs or medication that could be harmful for unborn children. I didn’t want to risk my baby’s health by using drugs even if they said they were natural.

We had given our daughter’s baby clothes and decorations away to my sister in law, so we only had baby supplies for a boy. My husband was laid off because of the economy, so we didn’t have the money to spend on new baby supplies. We needed to have a boy because we couldn’t afford to have a girl!

Fortunately, the Plan My Baby Prince or Princess book works. For a very low price, gender selection is no longer left up to chance! Science has caught up with biology.

Even though I’ve used the Plan My Baby book and it works for me, you might purchase it and think it’s not for you. That’s okay—not everyone wants to choose their baby’s gender. If you’re not happy with the baby selection guide for any reason, Alicia Pennington will offer a full refund without any headaches. She feels so confident in this program that she doesn’t have any problem returning people’s money even if they’ve already read the guide and know its secrets!

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In summary, instead of paying for expensive medical procedures, using harmful drugs or medicine, having the wrong gendered baby or leaving the whole process up to chance, you can learn how to select your baby’s gender risk-free at a low price. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me!

Plan My Baby Review – Final Statements

In closing, if you’re planning a family at any time in the future, download the Plan My Baby gender selection book. The peace of mind my husband and I have knowing that we can make solid family plans in the future if we decide to have another child is worth far more than the actual cost of the guide.

Alicia Pennington has done a great job in making her Plan My Baby Prince or Princess guide a fantastic deal.

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