Plan My Baby – Am I Having A Boy Or A Girl?

Have you been trying to conceive a girl to round out your perfect family? Have you had three boys in a row and are yearning for a baby girl to spoil? If this sounds like then please read on, because this article will examine the notions and misconceptions surrounding gender prediction and whether or not it’s possible to influence the sex of your baby.

Gender selection and gender prediction has always been a topic that’s full controversy, and it’s understandable why that is. After all, some couples have a difficult time getting pregnant in the first place, and the last thing on their minds is what the baby’s gender might be. Still others believe that trying to influence the gender of your baby, no matter what the method is that you use, is somehow interfering with God’s plan.

There have been countless articles and books written on the subject of gender selection. One of the most famous ones is the Shettles method, written approximately 40 years ago and still going strong. And the internet is chock full of all kinds of advice and mis-information, from gender prediction quizzes to Chinese gender calendars, and everything in between. I even found a method the other day that involves drain cleaner and peeing in a cup!


Let’s examine some of the myths and legends surrounding gender prediction so we can find out if it’s really possible to choose the gender of your child.

Plan My Baby – Timing Is Everything

Timing your lovemaking, and I don’t mean with a stopwatch, is considered to be one of the key elements when trying to conceive a girl. It’s a well known fact that female sperm live longer than male sperm, so if you’re trying for a girl you’ll want to have intercourse far enough away from your ovulation so that the male sperm do not survive and the female sperm outlast them. Timing this can be a tricky thing; too close to ovulation and you may end up with a boy, because those Y chromosomes really most fast. Studies have shown that the Y (male) chromosome has more motility than the X (female) chromosome.

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Plan My Baby – Do Or Diet

What you eat can also have a great influence on the sex of your baby. Foods that make your body more acidic will lower your PH level and increase your odds of having a girl. Some examples of these foods include corn, meat, plums, fish, liver and yogurt. Not that appetizing, huh? Take heart, you can also have coffee and blueberries, as well as cheese. All these are examples of foods that are more acidic than alkaline. Some foods to go easy on if you’re planning for a girl include all kinds of vegetables and also lots of nuts and fruits.

Plan My Baby – Bad News

And now, I have a bit of bad news. Statistics have shown that having intercourse that does not result in an orgasm will definitely up your odds of having a girl. This is because a female orgasm is proven to make the vagina a more alkaline place, the perfect condition for conceiving a boy. It’s also recommended that you use certain positions, like the missionary, so penetration is shallow. Research bears all this out.

There’s plenty more advice to go around. For instance, having intercourse early in the afternoon is sure to produce a girl. Also, sex on the night when the moon is full will also increase your chances of having a girl. But should you really try to alter the universe and try to influence your child’s gender? Should all you really be hoping for is a healthy baby no matter what the result?

If you’re really serious about trying to conceive a girl, then you owe it to yourself to investigate all the different methods and programs to see if there’s one that’s right for you.

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