Neck Muscle Exercises Without Equipment for Men and Women

When you work out at the gym, you want to make sure you pay some attention to your neck muscles. Having a strong, muscular neck really gives the impression of being a well-built, powerful and masculine guy. Some people forget about their neck while at the gym, missing out on all the benefits that come from having a strong neck.

For most circumstances and especially in all types of sports, having strong neck muscles are beneficial and saves you from the risk of getting soreness and injuries, both in your neck and your spinal cord.

The neck consists of nine different muscles, they all have their individual functions and also work together to perform movements of the neck. Think about how flexible your neck is and how many directions you can move it in. You can roll, rise, lower and look to the sides with the muscles of your neck.

neck muscle exercises

Even though training of your neck muscles is so good for you, it is often neglected, even by professional sportsmen.

This is often because a lot of people do not know how to work it, and it is therefore forgotten. It is great to do a few training sessions on the neck muscles each week, and the exercises are so simple that they even can be performed out of the gym.

how to get six abs sexybodyfitnessSince you don’t lift weights with your neck in the same way as with other parts of your body, the training of the neck muscles is performed by building up resistance and bringing about a temporary tension in those muscles. Usually this is done with your hands. The following exercises work great together and train all muscles in your neck.

Start with neck extension, which is an exercise that is done standing up. Place your hands on your forehead and look straight ahead. Then press your hands against your head while at the same time lowering it down towards your chest. Do this in a slow and controlled way and repeat about 10 times.

Continue by placing your right hand on the right side of your head and push your head and hand towards each other. Keep your head in this position for about 15 second before releasing the tension, repeat a few times and then do the same thing on your left side.

Next you want to place both of your hands behind your head. Apply resistance through them and try to move your head back. Hold for about 15 seconds here as well before releasing the tension.

These few exercises are all easy and simple to perform and give your neck muscles a good work out.

By using your hands to bring about the resistance you will naturally control the pressure and have no risk of overtraining the muscles. With time you will increase the resistance and your neck will turn into a strong and healthy neck, impressive and with low risk of getting any kind of injury.

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