Myths About Muscle Gain Part 2

Before you give up on having your muscles the way you want them, there are a few basic things that you should know.

Some people just try too hard and many have heard others (usually some skinny friend) tell their stories about how people gain muscles (steroids, etc) and think that the reason they don’t get the results are simply because their bodies don’t have the ability. Everyone can gain muscles; you only have to know how to do it.

myths about muscle gain part 2

The second myth about muscle building that I will examine is:

‘If I eat less I will turn the fat in my body into muscles’

To eat properly is the base for being able to gain muscles. Since you’re giving your body extra activity you also want to give it extra energy.

If you feel that your body is a bit floppy or even overweight, you might instead want to combine your weight lifting with some cardiovascular training. And if your only aim is to lose weight, then of course, a cut in calories can be helpful. But to have your muscles growing there’s no short cut; you have to eat.

the basic secrets for fast muscle gainMuscles are first and foremost not made up by fat at all, they are built up by protein, and so this is where you want to have a good amount of your caloric intake from. To work out hard and thinking that your dear body will use the energy already stored in the body for building new muscle tissue is like trying to build a house out of thin air; it just won’t work. You have to give your body a constant flow of protein for this to be possible.

This doesn’t mean that the energy that’s in your body is not being used.  It is what makes it possible for you to even do your work out session. For this aim, you want to have a good intake of both fat and carbohydrates before your training.

Then afterwards in the evening, when most of the repairation and building up of the muscle tissues is happening, you want to have your largest part of protein intake.

If you fail on giving your body all the nutrition it needs you won’t be able to grow. If you want to lose some of that extra fat on your body for your muscles to be more visible, you might consider doing a month of running, cycling or other cardiovascular training before you start building. Find out what is your goal, set your focus on it and you can achieve it.

If you’re willing to let go of old beliefs and instead go for the advices that people that have been able to gain muscles give you, there’s no limits to what you can achieve. Be smart and work out nicely and the muscles will come.

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