Myths About Muscle Gain Part 1

There are many beliefs that people have that are not doing them any good at all. Instead those beliefs often keep them from trying to do things in a different way, which actually would help them to achieve their goals both faster and easier.

In the bodybuilding world there are a few common myths that not only keep people from building their muscle, but that even can have the opposite effect and make your body weaker.

myths about muscle gain part 1

Here in this article I will examine one of the most widely spread myth, which is:

‘To gain muscles I have to work my muscles long and hard and often’

If you’ve been believing this, it’s no surprise that you haven’t been able to get your muscles growing. Too often I see people at the gym lifting and lifting and having their muscles work until their almost collapsing. They do a lot of reps with high weight, spending over an hour at the machines, and the next day they come back and do it all over again. Some people might even do two sessions in the same day!

the basic secrets for fast muscle gainSo why is it that this way of training doesn’t work? The harder I work on my muscles the larger they should become, one might think. Well, the key is to work short and intense, and to let the muscles rest in between sessions.

You do want to lift weights that are challenging, so far so good. By lifting heavy weights the cells in your muscles will naturally be programmed to build up more muscle fibers which are what makes them grow. What you want to do is to do only a small number of reps on each muscle. Between 6 and 8 reps is the magic number. Then you want to make sure that you give each muscle you’ve worked on a proper rest for around 48 hours. The muscles don’t grow when you’re at the gym; they grow while you’re resting.

This is why it doesn’t do you any good to work out too often, it only creates fatigue and the muscles won’t have the ability to recover and grow. Trust your body and know that you can let it do its work while you’re outside the gym. By doing proper work out, it will naturally want to change its apparatus to the increased pressure and activity it’s facing.

The reason why you don’t want to spend more than 45 minutes at the most at the machines is that the energy that‘s stored in the body only lasts that long. After that, your body might actually have to use the energy stored in the muscles to be able to continue – therefore, that extra 15 minutes will actually decrease your muscle mass.

So don’t overdo your training, it will not make your muscles grow faster. This is one of the most common mistake people do, but there are a few other myths that can come between you and your lean muscle mass. Make sure you have the knowledge and you can start gaining.

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