Muscle Nutrition

Eating the right food is very important if you want to gain muscles. You have to feed your body with protein. Muscles contain basically only protein and water and if you’re lacking decent amounts of protein you’re body won’t be able to build new muscle tissue.

Muscles are built by amino acids, which simply is protein, broken down into smaller parts. These parts together with water, creates muscle tissue. The building of muscle tissue is controlled by the growth hormones in your body, mainly testosterone.

So, to be able to build good amounts of muscle tissue in your body you got to have both a good amount of testosterone in your body and also a great supply of protein, that = muscle nutrition.

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Basically, how it works when the cells in the muscle are triggered to create bigger muscles is; you do a heavy work out at the gym on say, your biceps. This triggers your body to naturally produce more testosterone, giving the signal to increase the strength in the muscle because it now has to respond to the new conditions. As I mentioned, the T?levels peak after about 30?45 minutes into your workout and there will be an imprint in your brain to produce more muscle tissue. Some of the muscle tissue will be damaged because of the pressure you’ve put on them and this will also be ‘ordered’ to be repaired. The cells in the muscle do start the repair and building pretty much straight away. However, it increases steadily with time and with their peak at night. It is good to have a protein shake straight after your training though.

It’s very important to give your body a lot of nutritional energy if you’re serious about gaining muscles. Without decent amounts of energy to your body there can’t be any growth, simply because there won’t be enough to build from. This doesn’t mean you have to eat 10 000 calories a day (normal recommendation is 2500 for men) but you should increase the amount with about 25?33%. It is also  important to give yourself the right type of calories. You want to increase your protein intake but it doesn’t mean you want to miss out on carbohydrates and fats. They do, in their own way, add to your ability to gain muscles.


Carbohydrates give you the energy necessary to perform the workout for your body and it also gives your cells energy to renew themselves and do the build up of muscle tissue. It is preferred to have your biggest intake of carbohydrates in the morning and around lunch since you in this way ensures that you’re providing your body with the energy it needs to perform its tasks.

Great carbohydrate sources are pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, vegetables and fruits. Feed yourself those things for breakfast and lunch and you’re body will have the energy it needs to do its workout properly. To avoid that the carbohydrates get stored on your body as fat, you want to avoid large intake of carbohydrates in the evening, when you’re no longer physically active.

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