Are You Overdoing Your Muscle Gain Training?

You always want to make sure that you don’t overdo your muscle gain training. You want to make sure that you never train more than two days in a row. Preferable is to do the ‘every second day training’, but if it fits better into your schedule, two days in a row with a day’s rest afterwards works too.  It is very important to let your body recover fully after a work-out session, and I’ll talk more about this in the chapter ‘recovery and resting.’

When it comes to muscle gain, the rule goes something like this; less time and more intensity. This means; don’t spend hours at the gym; it serves your purpose not at all. You should spend no more than 45 minutes at the most each session. However, while you’re there it is in your best interest to work out with great intensity, to lift weights that are just as much as you’re able to lift and that’s it.

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As I said, the time spent at the gym should be less than 45 minutes. This is due to the fact that your body otherwise won’t have more stored energy to supply you with to perform the work-out. Instead, it will somanabolic muscle maximizer downloadbegin to use the energy that’s stored within the muscles, which means that those last 15 minutes that you spend to make it an hour actually are counter-productive to what it is you want. Professional bodybuilders don’t waste their energy, they do their training and then they allow the result to come to them.

There is another reason why this is the optimum time to spend at the gym. Studies have shown that the muscle building hormones begin to spike after about 30-45 minutes into your training. After that, they will decrease and there will not be as much effect as you would like. By Stopping when they’re spiking, you’ll ensure that they are able to perform their tasks in the most efficient way. By doing a lot of intense workouts and exercises that increases the testosterone naturally in the 45 minutes you’re training, you’ll be able to create the best conditions for your muscle building hormones to work properly.

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