Muscle Explosion Review 28 days to maximum mass

Muscle Explosion Review

Muscle Explosion 28 days to maximum mass is a program designed by world renowned fitness author Nick Nilsson. Now Nicks’s story is actually quite incredible, he is a former 145lb cross country runner that turned hinself into 230lb muscle up monster. To say his genetics were sub par is an understatement. Nick Designed a system which he calls Muscle Explosion and he claims it is capable of of packing on slabs of muscle onto even the most genetically uncapable person.

Nick Nilsson Muscle PDF review scam or legit?

What Is Muscle Explosion?

Muscle Explosion is a 5 Principle System

  • Nick Nilsson Muscle PDF review ebook downloadPrinciple #1Muscle building is impaired if you don’t create a stronger frame! Work on the connective tissues and the bones to create a better support for your muscles.
  • Principle #2-Muscles require room to grow. Nicks guide will teach you how to expand the walls of the muscles by stretching out the fascia. The process involves a very intense blood circulation in the tissues!
  • Principle #3– Oxygen is vital for the muscles! Learn about the best ways to increase the level of oxygen and nutrients that reach the muscles.
  • Principle #4– More muscle fibers can be achieved by hyperplasia or fiber splitting.
  • Principle #5– Last but not least, food triggers more muscle mass.

But be Warned! Following these five principles necessary for ”Muscle Explosion” is extremely tough and challenging. Therefore, prepare for HARD times!

Who Is Muscle Explosion for?

Nick Nilsson’s Muscle Explosion Program is for highly motivated individuals looking to pack on a substantial amount of muscle in the next 28 days. In my opinion muscle explosion is best fit for males ranging ages 18-45 years old. The only reason I wouldnt recommend this to ages over 45 is it is a very challenging program and I dont want to see anyone get hurt, but if you feel you are ready by all means  check it out…

Don’t be fooled though this program is definetly not for lazy unmotivated individuals who are looking for the magic bullett program or the latest supplement super pill. If you are a hard working motivated individual that can follow an exact step by step easy to follow program then it is a good fit for you.


Does Muscle Explosion really Work?

Absolutely, yes it does…

You’ll be using  highly-targeted, strategic changes in both training techniques AND nutrition to achieve these EXTREMELY RAPID RESULTS (a gain of 10 solid pounds in a month is not unrealistic), because if you want to grow FAST and KEEP growing like a weed, you need to constantly keep your body off balance.

Nick explains everything  in complete detail, the exact rep schemes, diet and exercises that you should be using as to build the most amount of muscle in the quickest time frame possible.

I’ve used many of the principles in this book and have been a follower of Nick’s work for many years.

Nick Nilsson Muscle PDF review scam or not?

What Do You Get With Muscle Explosion?

Muscle Explosion comes with 8 incredible bonus’s that make it an absolute steal at the 29.95 price tag…

Bonus #1-Intense by nature-By Ray Burton

If you want intense training, you will LOVE the workouts Ray Burton lays out for you in this straight-to-the-gut ebook. He’s put in VERY POWERFUL workouts covering bodybuilding (muscle growth), cardio conditioning, and even ones where the challenge is just to MAKE IT THROUGH TO THE END. These training sessions will shock the muscles of even the most advanced trainer!

Bonus #2-The Dennis Weis Yukon Hercules Mass Reports

Learn from the MASTER! Dennis Weis, author of “Mass!” and and “Raw Muscle”, brings you 5 power-packed e-reports that will SHOCK your muscles into new growth…

  • Armed Power Now! Three sleeve-splitting routines to maximize your arm size.
  • Barbell Clean & Press – A forgotten exercise for mass and power.
  • Forearms of Steel – Develop CRUSHING grip strength and forearm size.
  • Hip Belt Report – The Anabolic Equalizer
  • Huge and Freaky Muscle Mass Secrets – Training secrets to build serious MASS

Nick Nilsson Muscle PDF review before and afterBonus #3-Testosterone Unleashes by “The Muscle Nerd” Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson, author of “Optimum Anabolics,” brings you a POTENT report on how to shoot your own NATURAL testosterone levels through the roof! Testosterone is the MASTER muscle-building hormone – without enough, you simply WON’T grow. Learn how to squeeze the most of your body now!

Bonus #4– Two books from nationally ranked female Karen Sessions

In these two books you’ll get great training info from a top female bodybuilder who has spent 20 years helping both women and men prepare for bodybuilding and fitness competitions and get in top shape! Karen reveals 15 of the most critical mistakes and myths that can set back your dieting.

Bonus #5– A free 3 month membership to Craig Ballyntine’s Turbulence Training membership site

Craig Ballantyne’s powerful Turbulence Training fat loss program is one of THE most effective ways to slash the fat off your body. When you get the “Muscle Explosion” program, you’ll get 3 months of access to Craig’s TT Members site, which includes fat loss workouts, nutrition tips, exercises, interviews with experts in the fitness field, and much more!

Bonus #6– A Free 30 day supply of Sleepyzyme

Proper sleep is ESSENTIAL for recovery and building muscle, especially when you’re using a program as intense as the “Muscle Explosion” program. To help you get that much-needed high-quality sleep, “Get Healthy and Fit” is offering you a free bottle of their herbal sleep-aid “Sleepzyme!”

Bonus #7 – Free Updates for life

Whenever I come out with an update of this eBook, you’ll get it FREE. When I add new exercises to the database, you won’t miss out. If I include more exercise tips and techniques or video clips, you won’t have to buy them. If I update the program, you’ll have it. As long as I know where to get ahold of you to let you know an update is out, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Bonus #8–  Nick’s Time ($50.00 per hour)

That’s right! You will have me as your personal trainer by your side, at your beck and call. This way if you ever have any questions about this amazing program, you can fire it to me and you will usually get a response within a few short hours…Many people get the “Muscle Explosion Program” based on this bonus alone…but you will get it FREE if you order now!

Nick Nilsson Muscle Review Testimonials and success stories

Muscle Explosion Review – Guarantees, Pricing, And Refunds…

Muscle Explosion has a 100% money back guarantee and it currently sells only online for $29.95.  If you don’t like the ebook for ANY reason, Nick will refund your money no questions aked.  I think that’s a pretty fair deal.


Muscle Explosion Review – Final Thoughts

I’ve read through a large number of muscle building products out there including Vince Delmonte’s, Jason Ferruggia’s  and a few other popular ones and I think Muscle Explosion Program is an awesome program and a serious bang for the buck at $29.95.

If you’re a skinny guy or just a guy who wants to put on more muscle, you’d be stupid to not check out Muscle Explosion.  With a 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Nick Nilsson Muscle Review PDF download

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