Some Muscle Building Tips You Must Know

Building a muscular body requires an unshakable faith and a hot white desire to achieve. Nevertheless, there are many challenges that lie ahead and some of them include eating junk food, being busy to work out and lacking enough motivation to exercise. Below are some useful muscle building tips that will help you overcome these problems.

Lift weights for 3-4 days a week- Lifting weights for more than four days a week can easily lead to over-training and probably halt your muscle building progress, especially if you are doing other physical activities like playing recreational sports or cardio on regular basis.

sexybodyfitness some muscle building tips you must know

Limit your workouts to 12-16 work sets per week- Each work set should be 30-45 minutes. If you cannot gain strength and build muscle within this time frame, then you are not exercising enough. You must remember that results are greatest when mental focus and energy levels are at their highest. This is mainly during the first thirty minutes of your work out and going beyond it can make them plummet.

Lift heavy and use compound and complex exercises- Chin ups, rows, bench presses, squats, military presses and dead-lifts should be your main workout programs. They have been the most effective building exercises since the beginning of time and they will never change.

Use a training journal- It will always track you progress and make you stronger. Progressive workload is the most basic principle which is forgotten by many people in weight lifting. It states that you need to increase the amount of weight you lift constantly in order to make progress. Following this rule will build muscle and make you stronger while ignoring it will get you nowhere.

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Change your weight program for every 4-6 weeks- Working on the same program for more than six weeks will start to burn out lowering down your results. Be sure to change your workouts regularly to keep your body in a muscle building state. If you have been training for many years, you will have to change the programs after every two weeks to adapt more rapidly to the same stimulus.

Have a serious commitment to eating- Proper nutrition plays a very significant role in your muscle building efforts. You will never build muscle optimally if you don’t have adequate calories. Thus, force feed yourself if you have to and time your curbs properly by cutting them out at night.

Get sufficient sleep- Be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep every day and take naps whenever possible. Muscle building takes place while asleep since sleep allows growth and recovery. Without adequate sleep, your efforts in the gym will be wasted since your true potential will never be reached.

Find a good training partner and utilize recovery methods- A good training partner improves your results since he/she can push you to take your muscle building efforts to the next level. Additionally, eating and training properly is not adequate to ensure faster results. You should add recovery methods that can accelerate your progress such as using foam rollers, icing, stretching and taking showers after training. Keep the above muscle building tips in mind and for real – you will never regret!

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