3 Lower Ab Workouts For Men That Work!

In this video world famous bodybuilder Vince Del monte discusses the myth of lower ab workouts for men. In reality, what he’s talking about is a lower calorie workout.

It’s interesting. Many guys think that the reason they have a fat stomach or a flabby gut is because they don’t do enough crunches or they’ve stopped doing situps. The problem isn’t what you’re neglecting in the gym guys, it’s what you’re doing in the kitchen.

You’re eating too much!

Think for a moment of cavemen or primal people thousands of years ago. Let’s say you walked a few miles a day hunting for your meal that night or worked in some field cultivating vegetables and produce. If you did that and ate what they ate, you’d have a six pack like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. No doubt about it. Doing what they did, is called moderate exercise.

You are doing crunches, stability ball sit ups, bar twists and still can’t get a more defined stomach? It’s because when you’re done working out you reward yourself with a pizza and beer or a coke. You’re eating the wrong foods.

Eat the right foods and you’d have to workout half as much!

The crux of the problem is that you’ve got too much body fat covering those lower abdominals. If you train your abdominals properly, you’ll be using all of them together.

You need to eat meals more frequently in order to raise your metabolism and burn more calories. The key is eating the right foods at the right times. Avoid grains in any and all forms if you’re really serious about getting a six pack. Also avoid dairy (unless it’s raw and grass fed). Wheat products should also be avoided. It will kill you faster than you know what.

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After you’ve dealt with your diet, it’s time to focus on doing the right training regimen for getting results. One last thing, don’t use your physical workouts as an excuse to have a poor diet. You’ll never get results and you’ll be like every body else in the gym, with that, “last ten pounds to lose.”

Don’t be that guy.

Okay onto the workouts.

Even when you’re doing hanging leg raises and crunches, you’re lower abs are still involved. Cable crunches and situps, you’re lower abs are still engaged.

So if you’re truly committed to your goal, you probably need a meal plan that puts in a caloric deficit and you need a high intensity weight training program that’s going to create the right hormones in your body. That will utimately get the fat off your body.

If you combine these two main principles into an overall strategy that limits stress, alcohol and gets lots of sleep and rest, you’ll see results in less than a week.

Vince shows you three exercises that are specifically lower ab workouts for men. But he doesn’t like doing more than three or four combos together because when there’s too much thinking involved, you lose the intensity of the workout.

If you’re doing fully body compound exercises, you won’t need to do that many exercises to feel the burn in your stomach.

You should be doing between 15 to 25 reps on each of these exercises and doing anywhere between 3 to 6 sets, depending upon what your fitness level is.

These are the 3 exercises Delmonte recommends:

Does vince delmonte fitness scam or really work?1. Reverse crunches.

A stretch and contraction exercise combo. Reverse crunches actually help to pull apart, stretch and elongate the core muscles in your abdominal area.

2. A roll Up (you can use an ab wheel) stretch exercise.

He suggests that you don’t count how many reps you do. You don’t want to be a robot when you train. Don’t be a slave to the program and reps and sets.

Focus on the experience, focus on sweating, gorging the muscles with blood, increasing the heart rate. That’s what gets you results. Not counting.

Remember, you want to exercise with intention and focus. Don’t just go through the reps. Go AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE. Feeling every muscle fiber rip and tear. Feel the strain and the burn. Be with it. I guarantee if you start working out with this kind of mindset, you’ll get better results, quicker results and you’ll only need about half the workout time needed to achieve this.

3. Reverse Ball Crunches.

Most of us need to lose body fat, need to get into 02 (nitric oxide) debt. You need to push yourself. You need to release lactic acid and create that growth hormone response.

Therefore you want to keep those rest periods short.

Is somebody who can do a thousand crunches fitter than someone who can do a circuit like Delmonte, with short rest periods that forces a lot of sweating, a lot of oxygen debt?

No way! It’s not going to happen.

Remember if you want to look fit, you’ve got to get fit. So start thinking like that and take that philsosphy into your next workout. Getting the body you want starts in your mind. It starts in your head. Motivation, drive, determination, discipline, relentlessness these are the qualities that get a ripped set of abs and a chiseled chest. It’s all in your head.

Before you even realize it, these lower ab workouts for men wll start making a significant difference in not only how you feel, but more importantly, how you look.

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