5 Steps to How to Lose 5 Pounds In One Day

There are times when it may be necessary to lose a visible amount of weight in the course of a day. And while it is not recommended to attempt to lose measurable amounts of weight on a daily basis, it is not much of a health risk to lose as much as five pounds in a day on a one-time basis. The following tips will be of benefit to individuals seeking to learn how to lose 5 pounds in one day.

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1. Drink Plenty of Water

The human body must have water to function. When water consumption is too low, the body will compensate by retaining water. Drinking an adequate amount of water each day will flush this excess fluid from the body.

Water consumption also revs up the metabolism. Resting energy expenditures have been shown in studies to increase by up to 30% after drinking 500 ml of water. Such increases in metabolic rate lasted for an average of 60 minutes. It has also been shown that half a liter of water intake directly results in 23 burned calories.

The support water consumption provided for the metabolism may be more impressive when the water is cold. This way, the body must also spend energy to warm the water.

Bottom Line:

One answer to how to lose 5 pounds in one day is to make use of water consumption. It will help you lose five pounds in a single day. Drink one glass of water each hour if possible to maintain an increase in metabolism. If unable to drink at this pace, you can also consume as much liquids as you can.

2. Reduce Sodium Intake

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Consuming too much sodium is counterproductive to weight loss efforts. That’s because it causes the body to retain more water. Eliminating sodium from the diet will quickly produce results on the scale in the form of water weight loss.

Small amounts of sodium can have a dramatic impact on weight. In fact, just 400 milligrams of sodium retained by the body can result in an extra two pounds of water weight.

Bottom Line:

Tip 2 in how to lose 5 pounds in one day is to consume no food products that contain sodium for a 24-hour period.

3. Reduce Starch Consumption

Similarly to sodium, consumption of starchy foods causes the body to retain water. Studies have also shown that decreasing the presence of carbohydrates in the diet results in a reduction in appetite. This allows for less caloric intake than on a regular day.

In order to cut back on starchy food avoid:

  • Pastas and French fries.
  • Breads.
  • Cookies and Cakes.
  • Rice.
  • Baked Potatoes.

Replace these starchy carbs with healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, and berries.

Bottom Line:

A third consideration to how to lose 5 pounds in one day regards nutritional choices. For a 24-hour period, you should keep carb consumption to a minimum. Make sure as well that the low percentage of carbs eaten are high-quality carbs.

4. The Benefits of Fiber

Fiber’s main job is to move food that is consumed through the digestive system. They also expel waste products from the colon. Fiber also helps with weight loss by causing an individual to feel fuller after eating. The feeling of satiety can kick in even when caloric consumption is less than normal. Great sources of fiber to utilize are:

  • Oatmeal.
  • Quinoa.
  • Greek Yogurt.
  • Almonds.
  • Blackberries.
  • Fresh Figs.
  • Baked Squash.
  • Raw Avocados.

Bottom Line:

Another answer to how to lose 5 pounds in one day is to take advantage of the waste expelling effects of low-calorie high-fiber foods. Eat such sources as often as necessary for a 24-hour period.

5. Drink Coffee and Tea

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When not drinking water, you can satisfy any drinking urges by consuming coffee and tea. These beverages are natural diuretics. Therefore, they can cause immediate effects of weight loss. In addition, the caffeine that is present in both beverages has shown the ability to both burn fat and increase metabolism.

Geen tea is especially helpful for weight loss. The beverage contains not only caffeine but also a substance called catechins. The green tea catechins is an antioxidant that also supports the metabolism and burns body fat.

Bottom Line:

A final tip on how to lose 5 pounds in one day is to drink as much coffee and tea as possible for 24 hours. However, make sure you avoid causing complications from excess caffeine.


The loss of five pounds in a day’s time is an attainable goal. However, it is important to remember that this rate of weight loss would be dangerous to sustain over a longer period of time. To attain this small goal on a one-time basis, the steps mentioned above should be given a try as they will prove to be greatly beneficial.

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