Knee strengthening exercises for increased mobility

Knees are one of the most crucial joints in the body that are subjected to extravagant pressure and stress on a daily basis, without our even noticing it. They bear most of the body weight, take the toll when we are climbing, running, sprinting, crouching or jogging and keep the body upright in the face of hasty twists and turns. Naturally enough, they are also the first ones to show signs of degeneration with progressing time. Yes, you hardly realize it when the knees are not complaining, but when they do it’s difficult to bear through. The causes of knee pain can be varied but the effect is usually one and the same – it hinders the mobility capacity of a person to significant limits. Knee strengthening exercises can turn up as the only saviors here, as coupled with a healthy lifestyle they can successfully ease out the stress inflicted on the knees and make them tougher and fitter for life.

Knee strengthening exercises for you

One must always aim to perform knee strengthening exercises that are simple and easy, as anything complicated can make matters worse and give rise to newer snags in the situation. Some basic and straightforward exercises are listed here to strengthen this crucial joint and improve its functionality and weight bearing capacity.These exercises don’t need any equipment but for 100% results you can buy cheap gym equipment for workouts at home specifically for knee exercises.

Muscle groups that are in charge of stable knee functioning are:

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings

While quadriceps are linked to knee straightening movements or kneecap motion, hamstrings help in knee bending activities. If these muscles become weak, they cannot possibly offer support to the knees and neither can they absorb any shock that is triggered in the area, resulting in injury and damage. Knee strengthening exercises are targeted to fortify the knee joints with power and flexibility.

knee strengthening exercises

Make sure that you precede the exercises with a low-impact session of aerobics for 5 minutes. This will warm up your body and increase the blood supply in the area.

Exercise 1

Sit on a chair while keeping your knees straight. The heels of your feet must touch the ground. Now squeeze and tighten the muscles of the thigh and count slowly to 10. Relax while you count to 3. Complete 10 sets for every session. This will strengthen your quadriceps.

Exercise 2

Sit on a chair while keeping your knees straight. The heels must touch the ground. Pull the heels back without lifting them. Count slowly to 10. Relax while you count to 3. Repeat for 10 times. This will strengthen your hamstrings.

Walking backwards is a great knee strengthening exercise. Add to it leg lifts, curls, dips and swings for better results.

Benefits of knee strengthening exercises:

  • Prevention of knee pain
  • Increased mobility and flexibility in the body
  • Strengthening of weak knee muscles

Begin your knee exercise session after doing some stretching exercises. This will prevent it from sudden shocks. You can also do some leg strengthening exercise to support knee strengthening exercise. Ensure that you start at a slow pace and gradually add intensity to your workouts. For serious knee pain, exercises must be done under expert guidance after consultation with the doctor.

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