Top 3 Interval Training Routines to Do on a Regular Basis

As a gym goer, you may eventually hit a breaking point. Where normal exercise may fail, interval training routines could be the solution to breaking through your plateaus. Interval training routines have the benefit of being high intensity, which is proven to be advantageous in burning your unwanted fat.

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We’ll outline three great interval training routines, which will set you on the path to achieving your dream physique.

Top 3 Best Interval Training Routines to Consider

#3. Sprinting and Running

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The first method is one of the simplest and most straightforward interval training routines. It doesn’t involve any special equipment or tools, or even a gym membership for that matter. So, anyone with the will power and motivation can implement it.

How to Do It – Steps

  • Start by running at 25% of your full speed (or a light jog) for one minute, with a 30 second rest period of walking straight afterward.
  • You will then run at about 50% of your full speed (nearly a full run) for one minute, with another 30 second walking period after that.
  • Similar to before, you will now run at 75% of your full speed (a full run) for one minute, followed by another 30 second walking period.
  • The final portion is only 20 seconds but will be at a full sprint. You will follow this with a full minute of cool down walking.

This is considered one “set” of these interval training routines, being repeated 3-5 times for your full workout. This workout can also be reformatted depending on your liking, by switching incline (if you are running on a treadmill) for speed.

#2. Plyometrics

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In this workout, we are going to implement some body weight style jumping movements which will act as one of the best interval training routines to add into your workout program. Still, you need to do them at a high intensity and in a repetitive manner. You must break this workout into three different rounds, featuring three different exercises.

Additionally, you still won’t need any special equipment for this workout. S0, it is a great routine to practice at home. There are other more difficult interval training routines out there. However, this one will definitely raise your heartbeat.

How to Do It – Steps

  • First, you must do jumping jacks, performing the move for 15 seconds. Pace yourself and keep a consistent rhythm. The first round isn’t meant to burn you out.
  • Secondly, you will perform burpees. For great results, you should do them for 15 seconds.
  • The final movement will be mountain climbers, which you will perform for your final 15-second

The aforementioned set of exercises will be completed three times, with an increase in length with each round. So, the first round will be 15 seconds, the second round will be 30 seconds, and your third, and final round, will be a full minute of each exercise. We suggest a 2-3-minute rest time between each round but work at a pace that is strenuous yet safe.

#1. Kettlebells, Tires, and Medicine Balls

a man working out with a kettle bell

The last and final workout we are suggesting will require a couple of different pieces of equipment. Some of these may be available depending on your local gym. However, feel free to substitute a part of your routine if you can’t complete a specific exercise. This will be another 3-exercise routine, completing 5 “rounds” in total.

Some may say that this is one of those interval training routines that target more experienced sports enthusiasts. However, you can give it a try, especially if you’re working out at the local gym, under a trainer’s supervision.

How to Do It – Steps

  • Your first movements are kettlebell squats, completing the exercise for 45 seconds. Use a weight you are comfortable with, taking into consideration the frequency of the exercise.
  • Tire flips are your next exercise, again completing this exercise for 45 seconds. You can substitute lunges if you don’t have access to a tire at your gym.
  • The final movement will be medicine ball slams, again for 45 seconds.

Complete these three exercises five times, with a 2-minute rest in between each round.

Summing It Up

Try out some of these different interval training routines, and you’ll be sure to add a little bit of variety and challenge into your daily or regular workout. Feel free to modify, add, subtract, or replace any of the movements stated above. As long as you are able to keep your heart-rate high while sustaining that state for a significant length of time, it will prove to be a strenuous and fat burning workout.

Not only will you give yourself the challenge of new movements and intensity, but you’ll also be able to increase your mobility and overall fitness with these whole-body movements.

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