Inner Thigh Exercises For Slimmer And Attractive Thighs

For most women, the inner thigh is a very difficult part to tone up and burn fat from. Exercises targeted to tone up the area need to work up all major and minor muscles concentrated there, the principle ones being the adductor magnus, the vastus lateralis muscles, the vastus medialis, the psoas major and the illiacus. Although there are some proven leg exercises for healthy weight loss in women but thigh exercise has its own importance. Focused inner thigh exercises are targeted to melt away fat from the area and build muscles. Combining them with aerobics has been seen to yield even faster results in toning up the thighs.

Inner thigh exercises – get the perfect shape

Getting your inner thighs into perfect shape might seem to be a tedious chore, but believe it or not, if you are ready to spend 15 minutes every day doing a few proven intense inner thigh exercises, you are going to see adorable results within few weeks flat. Most of the exercises meant for the purpose focus on actions that drag the leg towards the body center or right across the body in standing and lying positions. Exercises that impel outward leg movement are also included in the regimen. In professional terms, the former is termed as ‘adduction’ exercises while the latter is known as ‘abduction’ exercises.

inner thigh exercises for slimmer

Popular inner thigh exercises

Side Lunges

Side lunges need to be performed with a dumbbell pair and they are quite easy to do. Stand firmly while keeping your feet together and hold the dumbbells in front of the thighs, with your palms curled inside and facing your thighs.

Step crossways to the right and lower the upper portion of your body while bending your knees. Step back to the initial position and then repeat the same procedure by bringing your left foot forward.

10-12 repetitions are to be performed in every program. When doing side lunges, remember to push the butt back and keep the core tight and back straight.

Standing adduction

Stand with your feet apart and pull out your right leg towards the outward hip and then gently swing it back towards the front and take it across the body center past the left foot. The whole movement must be performed in a swinging manner for 5-10 times. Wearing ankle weights can help to amplify the resistance.

Repeat with your left leg.

Pile squat

Pile squat, also known as Sumo squat, is done just like the normal squat, the only difference being that the legs and feet here are turned out. 3 sets of 30 are enough.

Lying adduction

Lie on your right side and keep your right leg straight. Keep the left knee in a bent position and place the left foot on the floor, right ahead of your right knee. Steadily lift your right leg 2-3” off the floor and keep it like that for 2 seconds. Slowly bring it down and repeat. Do 10-12 sets and then switch sides.

Ball Lift

For this you will need an exercise ball. Lie down straight on the floor, squeeze the ball in between your thighs, hold it there and lift your legs slowly. Do this for at least 15-20 times.

Athletes usually do inner thigh exercise with knee strengthening exercise to maintain their running strength. Inner thigh exercises on a regular basis can give you toned legs and a slender appearance as well as strengthening your knees

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