How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Level

Testosterone is the male hormone that is one of the main catalysts for muscle growth. With high levels of testosterone you’re body will be able to build new muscle cells with more ease.

Instead of going the artificial way about it, take the path where you trigger the amount of  testosterone to raise the natural way. By training in a certain way, as well as eating food that’s appropriate for this purpose you can make your muscles grow much faster.

Testosterone exists naturally in both the female and the male body, but in a higher concentration in the
male. This hormones controls a range of different  activities in the body, and one of them is the  rebuilding of muscle tissue.

To keep your testosterone levels high, you want to  focus a lot of your energy on working out your legs. Make it a habit to train your legs properly since this helps to keep your levels of testosterone high. The squat and the deadlift are excellent examples of exercises that boosts your testosterone levels.

how to naturally increase your testosterone level

Also you want to make sure that your work out  sessions are performed in an intense way, that the  weights you are lifting are maximizing your  capacity. When you have finished you last rep (of  which there shouldn’t be more than at most 10 in  set) you should not be able to lift one more time  and you know that you gave your most.

Zinc is a mineral that we naturally gain from some  of the food we eat and it keeps the levels of  testosterone high. Oysters are packed with this  mineral and you can also find a good amount in red  meat and poultry. Other sources are beans, nuts,  whole grains, seafood and dairy products. Eat a lot  of those foods, and cut down on the alcohol intake,  since alcohol has the effect to decrease the zinc levels in the body which leads to less testosterone.

Other food products that boosts testosterone levels in the body are; garlic, eggs, broccoli and cabbage.

You also want to have a diet with a high amount of monounsaturated fats. Those can be found in high concentration in most vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. Don’t cut down on your fat intake if you want to gain muscle, make sure it comes from sources with fat that has a high quality. Monounsaturated fats naturally increases the levels of testosterone in  your body.

High stress levels also decreases the amount of testosterone by making the amount of corticosteroid in your blood increase. If you feel stressed a lot of the time, find ways to relax that works for you.  Also make sure you get enough sleep, since it is during your sleep that the levels of testosterone naturally increases and most of the cell repair and is going on.

These are some of the ways to give you a natural gain of testosterone which in its turn will lead to faster muscle gain, and your body will still be  healthy.

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