5 Secrets Of How To Lose Stomach Fat Revealed

As you are probably aware there are many blog posts, articles, books, magazine write ups all covering the idea of the best way to learn how to lose stomach fat. Let’s face it, how to lose subcutaneous belly fat is everywhere.

Many of these articles are telling people to take vitamin supplements, try crazy acai diets and do certain fat loss workouts or training programs.

But in the end, they all fail to actually learn the best ways how to lose stomach fat.

They fail to change their eating habits by not following a personalized diet plan, they fail to try new aerobic exercises or change their existing workout routine, and they make excuses why they’re overweight.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you lack motivation to exercise and get on a belly fat diet?
  • Suffering from depression?
  • Lack energy or are you out of shape?
  • Struggle with food cravings and complex carbohydrates?
  • Bmi (body mass index) out of control?
  • Worried about diabetes or your cholesterol levels?
  • Have a bloated abdomen?
  • Considering a stomach reduction surgery? Aka, tummy tuck.

I’d like to take a bit of a different angle on losing stomach fat. It’s often an overlooked idea. It’s the idea of just getting more sleep. You probably think I’m crazy at this point. But sleep is critical to reducing and losing fat around your stomach. The right amount of sleep really does help create a flatter, tight and more toned stomach.

Imagine how nice it would be to simply sleep more to lose stomach fat instead of constantly trying to get a good sweat going by jogging and running on a treadmill every day.

At this point you’re probably asking how to lose stomach fat while you sleep. At this point you’re probably still telling yourself that sleep is one of the laziest things you can do each day. Something you probably don’t know is how many ways sleep deprivation can affect you and how you feel. Still not convinced? Well even the smallest sleep deprivation can affect the intensity with which you perform while in the gym. Living a healthier lifestyle means melting stomach fat and gaining energy.

Or in some cases can make you so tired you don’t even end up going to the gym in the first place. Your fitness is diminishing, while your hips and waistline are growing.

Your results in your muscle building routines and cardio routines can be hugely less effective if you let this happen. If you’re tired, and you do end up going to the gym to do some resistance exercises, you probably won’t have that killer fat burning workout because you just were not motivated to try that extra little bit that makes a difference. Not getting enough sleep will halt your body’s ability to repair muscle tissue after a hard workout.

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If you know a lot about how to lose stomach fat, you’ll know one of the best ways is to increase your metabolism and you do that by gaining muscle. Research shows that you gain muscle during sleep.

Also as you probably know that not getting enough sleep also makes your body release a hormone called grehlin and this hormone makes you feel hunger. By feeling hungry all the time, it makes it a lot harder to stick to your diet plan. As your cravings increase because of this hormone being released in your body, you’ll most likely eat foods that will make you fat. It’s a vicious daily cycle. It’s a cycle that makes you gain lbs and inches around your midsection giving you that ugly pear shaped body.

Here’s another way that not getting enough sleep can cause you to keep weight on. By not getting enough sleep you’re most likely staying awake longer and the more you stay awake the more calories you’ll probably consume. This will make it easy to eat late night snacks of unhealthy food. It’s better to go to bed with an empty stomach.

Even consuming a few hundred extra calories a day your greatly diminish your fat loss efforts. What’s more, the synthesis of leptin by the body is reduced when you are sleep deprived. Leptin aids in controlling appetite; it is a hormone in the brain.

Without leptin, you’ll eat more, and then you’ll end up spending more time at the gym figuring out how to burn fat off simply because you over ate and gave into your hunger cravings. When you don’t get enough sleep, the ability of leptin to synthesize in your body is greatly reduced.

The hormone leptin helps control your appetite and it’s found mostly in your brain. The result of this is that you’ll end up spending more time in the gym trying to burn fat, just because you ate too much. Or even worse you ate food late and go to bed late and this keeps you from sleeping which causes the cycle all over again. We suggest that you go to bed around the same time each night and get a full 8 hours sleep if you can, 5 of which are uninterrupted.

You’re not going to believe but there’s even more to the story about how to lose stomach fat relates to sleep deprivation… Not getting enough sleep means that there is much more cortisol in your body than would normally be there. Cortisol is a hormone and having too much of it can be responsible for fat stored around your waistline,midsection or belly. Learning how to lose stomach fat has a lot to do with getting enough sleep.

If you have high cortisol you will store too much fat and losing muscle and it’s an endless cycle. Even if you don’t know much about how to lose stomach fat, you can quickly realize that this is a viscous cycle. Two hormones in your body which are the most powerful and efficient fat burning chemicals are greatly lowered when we don’t get enough sleep. They are growth hormone and testosterone.

So now you are really interested in how to lose stomach fat but how much sleep does one need per night? According to experts, most people need seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night.

Certainly after reading this article you must be fully aware why those people who get by on 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night are, in fact, hurting their weight loss efforts. How are you going to get six pack abs naturally if you can’t get enough sleep? According to most experts the average amount of sleep people need each night is 8 hours. But this can be reduced depending on how clean your diet is.

A lot of rawfoodists only need about 5-6 hours per night because their system is so clean. But regardless it’s imperative to get at least 5 interrupted hours per night, preferably 8 if you can. By doing this you’re really stacking the odds in your favor in really learning how to lose stomach fat.

Stomach & Fat Loss Mistake #1

People over train their abs. They workout their abs every single day of the week or too many times per week. Getting a flat tummy is sexy but too many people will never feel sexy and get these kind of result because they make too many mistakes.

Stomach & Fat Loss Mistake #2

People eat too late at night. In an ideal and natural world, we really shouldn’t be eating after it gets dark. This is the time for the body to slow metabolism and start getting ready to repair, not digest more food.

Stomach & Fat Loss Mistake #3

People over eat dairy and wheat. These are the two most allergy forming foods in the world. Cut out gluten and all dairy if you want to see real fat loss around your belly.

how to lose stomach fat sexybodyfitness.com

How to lose stomach fat with exercise

Want to learn how to lose stomach fat with exercise? I take 3 pronged approach to fat loss around the belly.

Diet tips to lose stomach fat

You must eat highly nutritional foods with lots of minerals in them. The more minerals you eat (there are roughly 92) the less you will desire food.

Exercises to lose stomach fat

Ab strengthening exercises: Here are some of my favorite exercises for your stomach. I like the ab roller, abdominal crunches on the exercise ball, bar twists and decline sit ups.
Cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises: Running, walking fast, swimming, roller blading, eliptical machines

Yoga (elongation) exercises: Anything that stretches your abdominal area and core is critical. Tai Chi can do this, yoga or regular stretching can help you elongate the muscles in your stomach. This creates more blood floor to your abs and helps you burn off more weight.

Lifestyle tips to lose stomach fat

Live a cleansing lifestyle. This means getting enough sleep, fasting, doing detoxes to get rid of excess belly fat. You can also do herbal cleanses or bowel cleanses like colonics to flush out excess fecal matter that’s trapped inside your colon and intestines. Some people have said that the average person carries about 6-8 pounds of undigested food in their intestines.

Diets To Lose Stomach Fat:

Looking for diets to lose stomach fat? It’s more of a lifestyle that helps you lose bodyweight not any one diet. Here are some things I would do immediately to lose weight around my mid section:

  • Get off all dairy
  • Get off all wheat products and eat gluten free
  • Eliminate all pasta, crackers, cookies, cakes, pies, breads
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t eat after 7pm or after dark if possible
  • Eat a salad with each meal
  • Follow proper food combining laws (don’t mix starches if you still eat them, with meats and don’t mix anything with fruits)
  • Take enzymes and hydrochloric acid supplements with each meal
  • Eat fruit only for breakfast or until noon
  • Check your thyroid gland
  • Stop eating all sugars in your diet. Sugar puts on weight not necessarily fat.

Unique Ways To Loose Belly Fat:

Here are lots of ways to loose belly fat. Belly fat sometimes can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of but it is possible to loose belly fat. Some of the best ways to loose belly fat are mentioned above. It takes a diet component, an exercise component and a lifestyle component to loose belly fat.

Don’t try to lose belly fat too fast. It should take you as long to get rid of excess fat around your stomach as it did to put it on. Worry about health instead of how you look with skinny jeans on, and the pieces will fall into place for you. Follow my instructions above about all the ways to loose belly fat naturally.

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