How To Get The Perfect Body 4 Ways That Get Results

If you want to know how to get the perfect body, then you should know that you really need to work on it. Unlike others who have been lucky to have genes that are predisposed to burn calories like a furnace, they only need to put out a little effort in order to get the perfect body.

It’s okay to want nice legs, a firm booty or if you’re a guy some chiseled abs and a big defined chest. All of these things are okay, just don’t identify with your body. That is to say, you are not your body. You are soul or spirit that uses a corporeal physical form in which to experience the world and fulfill what you’re on earth to do. Your mission.

When you realize that a physical flesh and blood are only here to help you complete your mission, than you can not be too attached with your physical form.

That being said, too many people take the opposite approach and say, “ahh the heck with it, I’ll skip the gym today and go get a pizza.” We need to honor our bodies and treat them like the temples they are. Don’t use your body as trash can. It can only stand so much abuse until it gets cancers, heart attacks or diabetes.

If you have the right perspective, your body can serve as a tool to embrace the highest expression of your being.

If you were to think of the perfect body, there’s always one thing that comes to mind, abs. People may vary in sizes, some with larger chests, some with large biceps, but there’s always one common denominator. The perfect body has a set of abs.

A strong sexy stomach is really great. I have a set of nice six pack abs. But I don’t obsess over them. You might think, “that might be easy for you to say because you don’t have a flabby gut hanging over your belt!” That’s true but I would also add that you are not your fat stomach. You are soul who will only have a pudgy midsection for a little while longer.

In order to make those abs visible, you need to build up the muscle and lose the fatty (lipid) layer on top of it. Losing the fatty layer on top of it will require you to lose your overall body fat. Get rid of the notion of spot reduction. You don’t expect to have 6 pack abs with man boobs, right?

how to get the perfect body ab exercises

Now in case you’re not familiar, spot reduction is the idea (myth) that you can lose fat in specific areas of your body. That is, you can target fat loss on your thighs, butt or stomach. This is simply not true. Your body places and stores fat where it deems the least risky in terms of dying from its existence. Why do you think you don’t store all your fat on your chest for example? So you don’t die from a massive coronary heart attack that’s why!

Your body is smart, allow it to store and lose fat where it wills.

Typically people who lose massive amounts of weight, will lose it all over their body as whole.

In building up the abdominal muscles, we have a video from Craig Ballantyne showing us various ab exercises. If you’ve been doing crunches for a long time and don’t see results, then your abdomainals may have reached a training plateau.

Try out the following exercises which are in Craig Ballantyne’s video in order to get past that workout plateau.

Standard Plank

There are many variations of the plank exercise. The most common plank position is held in the push-up position with the body’s weight being supported by the toes, elbows and forearms.

The standard plank is great because it helps to build the tendons and ligaments in your hips and really allows you to develop a strong core. Exercises where you have to hold certain positions rather than moving up and down or side to side in a predetermined axial plane of motion, will help you dig deeper into the musculature to tear down individual fibers.

Side Plank

This is another variation of the plank exercise. Instead of resting your bodyweight on two arms, you rest it on one elbow and forearm while you face one direction.

See the video below for more information. You’ll really feel the burn during this particular stomach routine.

Stability Ball Jack Knives

This exercise is done by resting your legs on a stability ball. Then tuck your legs to your chest and back out. This counts as one repetition.

The balancing action required to not fall over onto the ground when using the balance ball really is good for the muscles in your entire body. As we get older our balance tends to diminish so it’s mission critical to keep that balance and stability there as we age.

We don’t want to fall and break our hips when we’re 90 do we? 🙂

Stability Ball Mountain Climber

This is similar to mountain climbers. The only difference is you rest your legs on a stability ball instead of the floor. Try this for 3 reps and see if you can keep it up. It’ll shred your entire stomach. You’ll feel sore and tire the next day, guaranteed!

how to get the perfect body ab exercises

5 minutes body weight squats

This is to finish your ab routines in order to boost your metabolism. Pick any type of squats you want, prisoner squats, with hands forward, on the side or on your chest.

Squats have been called the king of all exercises while deadlifts have been referred to as the queen of all exercises. This is because this once movement works out more muscle groups than any other single exercise. For example, squats will workout your gluteus maximus (butt or booty), hamstrings, calves, quadriceps (thighs), lower back, obliques, abdominals.

Can one exercise do all this? You bet it can! Once you change your diet and lifestyle habits anything is possible.

Watch your metabolism and fat loss capabilities skyrocket!

By following these simple exercises, you can sure to get the body of your dreams. By then, you’ll be telling people how to get the perfect body.

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