5 Tips How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast

The truth about how to get six pack abs revealed…

Below I’m going to have you ask yourself a set of questions but before that I wanted to talk about the power of imagination.

Imagine if you had a strong stomach the next time you went to the beach.

Or imagine the next time you get intimate with your partner and you take off your shirt and you can tell immediately that the sight of your bare stomach made your partner immediately more physically attracted to you.

Imagine knowing that people found your body and more importantly your core to be very sexually stimulating.

Wouldn’t that feel amazing? Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of control and power?

Okay we can stop dreaming now it’s time to get back to reality. It’s time you figure out some a few things first.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you tired of your current workout routine?
  2. Is tummy fat starting to become an issue for you?
  3. Are food cravings and addictions starting to run your life?
  4. Do you crave carbohydrates and like to eat a lot?
  5. Are you considering taking fat burner pills?
  6. Do you have little or no motivation to get a flat stomach?
  7. Is your metabolism starting to slow down?
  8. Confused which supplements to take?

Well developing definition in your stomach is not as hard as it sounds.

Getting A Washboard Six Pack Is Not About Spot Reduction.

Basically you can’t isolate and target your muscles to lose fat in just one stubborn area of your body like your obliques or abs. For example your body will burn off fat all over not just in one localized area. It’s not humanly possible to do this. That’s not how to sculpted six-pack abs fast. Getting a flatter abdomen has to do with losing weight all over your body and that has to do with doing the right resistance exercises and eliminating junk food from your diet. It’s simple, that’s the most effective solution to reducing your bodyfat and revealing your inner defined six pack.

Having six pack abs is something that most every guy wants and every girl too. Girls love to see six pack abs on guys and they themselves want to have a slightly toned down version of six pack abs.

Let’s face it, a strong core midsection and stomach is sexy to both guys and girls.

Trying to get six pack abs is another issue all together. In order to get six pack abs you need to do two things:

A) Lose the weight that is sitting on top of your abdominal muscles.
B) Strengthen your abs.


What’s The Best Way To Get A Six Pack?

I strongly suggest taking a look at the Six Pack Ab Quest. But if you’re looking to lose weight, there are many different ways to do this. I suggest doing the natural thing and not taking diet pills or doing things like Jenny Craig or NutriSystem.

Let’s face it, your body is smart enough and knows exactly what it should and shouldn’t eat right? It’s important to do the right exercises for your stomach. Doing the wrong ones or even doing the right ones in the wrong way can hurt your progress and even injure you which is not good. So to lose some weight I’d like you to do the following. First checkout my article on how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

  • Bicycle Exercise
  • Captain’s Chair Leg Raise
  • Exercise Ball Crunch
  • Vertical Leg Crunch
  • Ab Roller
  • Long Arm Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Full Vertical Crunch
  • Plank on Elbows and Toes
  • Bench Crunch
  • Bar Twists

Here Are Some Nutritional Tips To Getting Those Six Pack Abs:

Take enzymes with each meal.

Plant based enzymes help you to digest more of your food. The more you digest and eliminate the more weight you’ll lose.

Food combine properly

Eat starches and proteins at different meals with a green salad. For example, fish and a salad. Or rice and a salad. Trust me, try it for a week and you’ll see a huge difference in your energy levels and weight loss.

If you eat fruit, eat it in the morning on an empty stomach

Fruit takes only about 20 minutes to digest through the stomach. When you eat a piece of bread with fruit, that piece of bread usually takes about 4 hours to pass through your stomach. Now the bread is keeping the fruit from passing out of the stomach causing it to ferment causing gas, bloating and the inability to use all the vitamins and minerals that are in that fruit. Try it, you’ll see. Eat fruit alone.

Don’t eat late

We recommend not eating past 8pm each night or after it gets dark. It’s called the daylight diet.

Drink lots of fresh spring water

Don’t drink tap water it’s full of chemicals.


Cardiovascular Conditioning To Get Six Pack Abs.

Getting good aerobic exercise is critical if you want to really get rid of fat around your midsection. I suggest running, biking, hiking, walking, jogging, swimming, playing sports or anything you can do to get your legs moving. This helps elongate your entire core and stretching out your abdominal muscles as well as losing excess weight around your gut.

Guys have this problem with beer bellies so doing cardiovascular conditioning really helps you raise metabolism, burn calories and shed excess weight so that you can get a stronger more defined & ripped stomach. Perform cardio exercises at least 3 days per week.

Why do you think long distance runners and sprinters always seem to have that washboard stomach? It’s because when you run you naturally stretch the abdominal muscles as well as tighten them. Your core is stabilizing you on long runs and the constant stretching and tightening that runners do give them those six pack abs you’re looking for.

I Want Six Pack Abs, How Do I Do It?

If you want great-looking ab muscles you have to be willing to devote yourself to a fat burning workout routine for at least 30 days as well as following a strict diet that includes fruits and vegetables and not eating processed carbs like breads, cookies, crackers, pasta etc. You have to train your body to get a flat six pack. I would start doing the exercises above 3 to 4 times per week along with cardiovascular and aerobic exercises 3 days per week along with your diet plan.

Six Pack Ab Exercises & Abdominal Training.

Now that we’ve covered some ideas on losing the weight now we need to get into some workout principles in order to get those six pack abs. The abdominal muscles like the leg muscles can be worked out more regularly than other muscle groups like the arms back or chest.

But it’s important to switch up different ab workouts on a fairly regular basis. Because you can do them much more often it’s important to have lots of different abdominal exercises available to you.

Make sure when you’re doing your ab workouts that you really concentrate hard on your core ab muscles. Really focus in and get that raw burn that comes at the end of sets.

Ab exercises are the easiest exercises to cheat on. It’s easy to go through the motions and then pat yourself on the back for doing your set of crunches or planks and then wonder 3 weeks later why it’s not helping or changing. When doing stomach exercises to get six pack abs your goal is not to gain pounds of muscle, your goal is to get that shredded and lean look where you can see your individual stomach muscles.

It’s more about reps than it is about using a lot of weight during your exercises. The day after doing any sets of ab exercises your stomach should be extremely sore. If your stomach is not sore and hurting just a little bit, you’re doing your core workouts wrong.

The Secret To Get Flat Lower Abs.

Having flat lower abs takes dedication. Here are some abdominal exercises that will flatten and tone your lower ab muscles:

1. Bicycle crunches
2. Standard situps
3. Planks held for at least 45 to 60 seconds
4. Leg lifts while laying flat on your back on an exercise mat.

These types abdominal exercises are perfect to add into your current ab training regimen. They will help build your core muscles which is imperative to getting flat lower abs.

Who Doesn’t Want Toned Abdominals?

Toned abdominals, everybody wants them? I mean who wants a beer belly hanging over their waistline? Do girls think that is sexy on a guy? Girls want to see guys with a shredded muscular stomach don’t they? So how does one get toned abdominals?

Easy it comes down to proper nutrition and diet, along with doing the right muscle building ab exercises as well as doing weekly cardiovascular conditioning to help you lose stomach fat. Follow these key principles and you’ll get the most sexy toned abdominals ever. However if you want to really learn how to build muscle, then you should read some of our other articles about muscle building.

You should start seeing results in at least 1 week after starting this ab training workout.

Do You Have Sexy Abdominals?

If you’re on this page and reading this article, odds are you don’t have a very sexy midsection. Ladies, how about your midriff? Is it sexy, lean and toned?

Can you see your abdominal muscles? If you answered no to that question you must visit this website if you want o get sexy abdominals. Buy having a flat and toned tummy (guys and girls) you’ll get your partner to be more physically attracted to you and if you’re single you’ll attract more people of the opposite sex by having that flat sexy stomach that is such a turn on.

Believe me if you don’t have sexy abdominals it is noticed by others and it’s quite a turn off. But having an attractive midsection is a huge turn on to both guys and girls.

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