How To Eat For Maximum Muscle Gain?

 I would like to ponder a bit in the nutritional advice that so many people that want to gain muscles wonder about. How important is the food we eat for our ability to build muscles?

From my point of view it is very important. Muscles are built by proteins and therefore you need a certain amount of this for the body to be able to build muscle tissue. There are some essential amino acids that you only can get from the food and that is necessary for many of the bodies function. You can also choose to eat food that is rich in zinc to ensure that you have a good testosterone level. Testosterone is the main growth hormone for muscles in the body and you want to keep your levels high if you want to gain muscles fast.

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How then are you supposed to eat to build muscles the way you want?

This is something that can be quite individual. We all have different bodies and also different desires of what we want to achieve. For a hard-gainer, someone who is skinny and finds it difficult to gain muscles it is important to eat a lot. For those guys (and girls in some cases) it’s about training smart and eating good and plentifully.

For those that are a bit flabby, and who wishes to actually transform some of that fat to muscles you have to take quite a different approach, both to your diet and your training. If you are a bit overweight it might be a good idea to actually add a bit of cardio-vascular training into your schedule since this helps to burn the fat. This will not give you muscles though so it is important that you also spend time lifting weights.

If this describes you, you still want to eat a lot of calories – after all this is essential if you are going to gain muscles. However, you want to make sure that you eat good calories. Lots of proteins and less fat and mono-carbohydrates (as in sugar, white rice and bread).

When you consider that your body is unique and that it needs to be treated thereafter you can find a diet that is perfect for you. You can consult a dietitian or even a personal trainer and ask for advice if you are uncertain. Otherwise, use common sense, make sure you eat a varied diet with lots of vegetables and fruits and you can be sure you get all the vitamins and minerals that is necessary to have a healthy body.

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