How to cleanse your body?

If you cleanse your body you can be left feeling great and losing weight. The human body is full of toxins and negative enzymes. By cleanse or detox you can remove these negative oxidants from your body. In doing so you can have more energy and a new outlook on life.

How to cleanse your body?

Start with a good detox program. If you can afford it, try the Total Wellness Cleanse program.

Click on this link and see my Total Wellness Cleanse Review. If you can’t afford it that’s ok. We will be going over the antioxidant cleanse diet. In this diet you are only allowed to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in anti oxidants.

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How to cleanse your body – Day 1 – Day 7

Fruits, vegetables, water with lemon juice, Cheyenne pepper, coffee, tea

No meat, No Soda, No carbs

How to cleanse your body – Day 8-Day 14

Seafood is added to diet

How to cleanse your body – Day 15-Onward

Sensible amounts of meat

This is an intense cleanse. You will lose weight and cleanse your liver. A cleansed liver produces more fat burning enzymes. This will increase your metabolism. This is essential for healthy living and a more energetic lifestyle.

In the first week you can not eat meat or carbs. You are cleansing your body of all the negative hormones and preservatives you got from meat and carbs. This is done by eating anti oxidant rich fruits and vegetables. Try to get organic if you can afford it.

Lemon juice and Cheyenne pepper increases your metabolism by cleaning your liver. Coffee suppresses your appetite.

It is important to stay hydrated. Drink at least 10 cups of water per day. Doing so will flush out your system of negative enzymes.

After Day 7 you add seafood to your diet. Keep your calorie count at 1,000-2,000.

After Day 14 you can eat carbs and meat but in sensible amounts.

After the 2 week cleanse you should have more energy. You will have lost a lot of weight and feel better about yourself and about life.

how to cleanse your body?How to cleanse your body?

The most important part of this cleanse is to stay motivated. Believe in yourself. Watch your external language. It’s easy to give up but if you stay motivated and commit to this cleanse then you can achieve it.

The best way to do so is to neutralize the fear and risk. You can do this by visualizing success. See yourself achieving your goal and you can attain it. This goes for any success you wish to attain in life. Be positive and be strong.

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