How To Build Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys : Simple Tips

Some people go to the gym with the purpose of getting lean and slender muscles while others want to achieve muscles that are big.

The way you do your work out determines whether you’ll be able to be in the first or the second group. Here I will explain how the best way to build your muscles big goes.

How To Build Muscle Mass

The mistake a lot of people do is that they do too many reps but with too light weights.

If your purpose simply is to stay fit and in shape there’s of course nothing wrong with it, the exercise your body gets can surely be part of a healthy lifestyle. But if you want to build, you’d better off doing fewer reps with high weights.

Your purpose should be to stretch your ability to lift and to go for weights that you almost aren’t able to bear. Do no more than 10 reps at the most; between 6-8 is the optimal amount for most muscles in the body.

how to build muscle mass

The reason why you should go for high weights to build muscle mass is that this speeds up the break-down and build-up process in the muscles. The muscle fibers tears down faster and so the amount of growth hormones will naturally increase and give signals to the muscular cells to build up faster and to increase the amount of muscle cells to be able to handle the new conditions.

This is why it is also of great importance to give the body a higher amount of protein then usually, since protein is the main part of the muscles. Make sure to invest in a good protein powder to give your body what it needs to be able to build those lean muscles.

By following those guidelines, you will find that what might have been a struggle before, suddenly becomes so easy. Your goal should be to spend no longer than 45 minutes at the most each time at the gym and to decrease the number of sessions each week to no more than 4. Have each session target different muscle groups. While working on the muscles, make sure you do intense lifts over a short amount of time. Don’t pause between reps for more than 1 minute and your muscles will gain the most.

As long as you know the tricks, building muscles can become quite an easy task. With some focus and a determined mind you’ll be able to gain sooner than you’d expect.

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