How to Lose Lower Back Fat – 7 Spot on Workouts

Lower back fat can be a nuisance to deal with. Since it’s practically impossible to “spot treat” certain areas of your body, toning one specific spot can be frustrating. The back, in particular, is a tough area to manage. If you’re looking for ways on how to lose lower back fat, we’ve come up with some tips and examples of workouts below you should consider implementing the next time you exercise.

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Pick up Cardio

If you want to know some of the tricks on how to lose lower back fat, make cardio training your best friend. Cardio exercises address fat throughout the body. Nonetheless, there are some workouts that are better than others when you have a specific goal in mind.

Workout 1: Rowing

Rowing is a rather energetic exercise that can tone up back muscles by straining them. At the same time, you’re getting in a high-intense cardio exercise that will stimulate fat burning all around.

Workout 2: Swimming

This is such a common cardio exercise that can benefit anyone no matter what your fitness goals are. No matter how you’re swimming, you’re strengthening the muscles in your upper body as well as your legs. Of course, such training will show signs of improvement in your lower back area.

Workout 3: Running/Jogging/Elliptical Training

Nothing gets your heart racing like moving your legs whether on a walk, run, jog or on the elliptical. You can exercise outdoors or at a gym. Either way, you’ll get in the cardio you need to start burning those calories and burning off fat.

When you’re thinking about incorporating cardio into your exercise routine, try to go for around 30 minutes or so for five times a week.

Strength Training

There isn’t much that targeted strength exercises can do to get rid of that stubborn back fat. However, the right exercises can eventually tone you up and make your muscles stronger. Stronger muscles help develop a better metabolism, which can then help shave off more calories and fat.

Workout 4: Lat Pull-Downs

When you’re trying to find exercises on how to lose lower back fat, try your hand at some lat pull-downs. Make sure to keep your back straight. Everything should be done in one fluid motion. You’ll feel the muscles in your shoulder blades and back working as they should.

Workout 5: Bridge Exercises

These are simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home with no equipment. Try to do about 10-20 reps of these, holding for 10-15 seconds. You’ll feel the exercise working in no time.

Workout 6: Plank Exercises

man in sports clothes in a plank position

The variations of plank exercises can tackle numerous areas of your body. Beyond helping you build up strength, they can help you straighten out your posture. Planks can also help tone your entire core, which can make your love-handles look better. It’s a great method on how to lose lower back fat without focusing purely on your back.

Strength training can have a greater contribution to getting rid of lower back fat when you combine it with cardio exercises.

Interval Training

For those who want to learn how to lose lower back fat quickly, then look no further than interval training routines.

Workout 7: High-Intensity Interval Training

muscular fit man sprinting outside on road

Otherwise known as HIIT, high-intensity interval training burns fat quickly and even keeps it burning at a steady, fast pace after you’re done exercising. You can do a variety of exercises for your HIIT training such as running.


Regardless of what you do, if you haven’t done this before, start yourself at about 30 seconds of high-intense training. Work your way up to a few minutes before breaking or doing low-intense exercises in between.

Bottom Line

For those trying to find out how to lose lower back fat, understand that the area isn’t one you can specifically target. You’ll have a better chance at reaching your goals by working various parts of your body to burn calories.

Remember to focus on your eating habits as well as they can go a long way in cutting down on fat. Have you considered any of these exercises or a combination of them when trying to decide how to lose lower back fat? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments.

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