HIIT Workouts: Three Best Workouts that Yield Maximum Results

In order to take your fitness level to the next level, it is important to use both resistance training and cardio. Resistance training forces your body to burn calories not only during the workout but on subsequent days as your body rebuilds muscle tissue. During cardio workouts, you will burn calories for however long you are working out. Now, there is a good number of cardio options available to you. However, when you perform the same basic cardio workouts, your body will adapt and become accustomed to the workout. When this happens, you will no longer burn as many calories over the same exercise. This happens because your body knows what to expect and can adjust accordingly. Instead, you need to keep your body guessing through an assortment of moves. One of the best ways to do this is with HIIT Workouts.

Short for high intensity interval training, HIIT workouts are designed for you to fully engage your body and put in 100 percent maximum effort for a short amount of time. At the conclusion of the short “interval,” you will go into a slower, cool-down period. After this, you’ll repeat the process. It is possible to take advantage of just about any kind of cardio activity and implement it into HIIT workouts.

There are several benefits regarding HIIT workouts. First, you can put in 100 percent effort every single time. This maximizes the number of calories you burn during this short interval. The maximum effort into a cool-down period forces your heart rate to jump up and then slow down. This strengthens your heart better than standard cardio. The more you perform a specific cardio move, the slower your heart rate will be. Those who jog every day will have a substantially slower heart rate after a few months of jogging then when they first started. As the heart rate and workouts continue to differ, the body does not become accustomed to what will occur next. This way, even though you’re switching between maximum effort cardio and cool-down periods, you’ll end up burning more calories over the course of your workout. All of this points to exactly why you need to take advantage of HIIT workouts throughout the course of your week.

Your body uses different muscle fibers during a workout. These can be separated into fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch muscle fibers allow you to perform explosive moves. This can be quick jumps, lift weights quickly, not to mention just about anything in gymnastics and basketball. Slow twitch muscle fibers are used for endurance based workouts, such as distance running. This is why the fastest person in the world likely wouldn’t be able to compete with a distance runner (or why a distance runner can’t compete with the fastest person in the world). Each of these muscle fiber types also uses different energy. Creatine, for example, is a chemical your body produces naturally. It is used by fast twitch muscle fibers. Weightlifters will take creatine so they can have more fast twitch muscle energy available during a workout. This energy is there for explosive moves, but it is also used up quickly. Due to this, it needs some time to replenish. By taking advantage of HIIT workouts you give your body some time to replenish this quick twitch muscle energy, allowing you to put in more work on the next interval and squeeze every single calorie you can from the exercise.

HIIT Workouts

Workout 1: Running

man running

Perhaps you are a runner and enjoy what you can get out of jogging. Jogging is fine, but over time it is just not going to deliver the same results it once did. Now, if you enjoy the time spent outside and the mental clarity that comes with it feel free to keep jogging in on some of your cardio days. However, when you really want to increase the number of calories you burn over the course of the day, you’ll want to use running in your HIIT workouts.You can do this at the track, on a treadmill or on a sidewalk, although sidewalks can sometimes bring about problems when there are other pedestrians out and about. You want to start this out slowly and shoot for just 20 minutes or so. During the first week, sprint as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then go down to a light jog or even work for the next 30 seconds. Repeat this 20 times until you have done it for 20 minutes. If you’re not able to sprint this much or if you’re just starting out with your workout routines, then feel free to begin with 10 minutes and work your way up to 20.

When you feel comfortable with the 20-minute workout, extend your intense cardio. Aim for 40 seconds of high intensity and walk for 20 seconds. You still want to give your body time to cool down before you fire it back up.

Workout 2: The Home Workout

man working out at home

Perhaps you don’t have a treadmill or other cardio workout at home, you don’t go to a gym and the weather outside isn’t all that great. You can still get a great HIIT workout in at home, and you don’t even need to move around all that much. There are enough moves and options available for you to get one of the best workouts you’ve ever had from the comfort of a studio apartment.Pick out different exercise moves you’d like to do. This can be jumping jacks, burpees or anything else of this nature. Then, like the jogging option, go as hard as you can with the exercise for 30 seconds. However, instead of standing around waiting for 30 seconds, go in a light standing jog just to keep your body moving. The great thing about this workout is you can swap in different exercises to keep the workout interesting.

As with the other HIIT workouts, you’ll want to aim for 20 minutes when you first start out and then expand out to 30 minutes or more. All of this will help you maximize your workout and burn the most calories possible. If you want to increase the resistance on this workout, consider adding in a medicine ball to the exercise. Even if you’re using just a six-pound ball, it will do wonders to increase the number of calories you burn and the end results you eventually achieve. So when you want to take your workout to the next level, adding this small amount of resistance will help.

Workout 3: Swimming

man swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to work out your body. This is because you’ll work every single muscle group in your body. If you have access to a pool, then you should consider performing some HIIT workouts. With HIIT workouts in the pool, you must do it a bit differently. This is because you can’t really swim as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then slow down to a crawl. It’s difficult to do this without someone waving signals at the end of the pool for when to switch. Instead, it’s best if you swim as hard as you can for one length of the pool, then take it easier going back. You can swim hard one length and then switch to a side or backstroke as you go back. This way you’re still moving and taking it easier, allowing your body to recover the fast twitch muscle fibers.

It is only recommended taking up the swimming HIIT workouts if you are already in good shape. This is taxing on your body as you are using every single muscle group. Because you’re using every muscle group, you’ll burn more calories, but you’ll also burn through your energy faster.


When it comes to improving your body, there are several workouts you need to consider implementing. Whether you want to build strength, size or improve the definition of your body it is important for you to use resistant training during the week. You also need cardio. Cardio helps you burn a lump sum of calories during your exercise period. There are several great cardio options, but one of the biggest problems is if you continue with the same cardio over and over, your body will become accustomed to the workout and adapt to the workout. When this happens you no longer burn as many calories as you would have at the beginning. Instead, it is much better for you to keep your body guessing. HIIT workouts can do just that. With HIIT workouts you put in 100 percent effort, cool down and then repeat. This allows your heart rate to build, calm down, and then build again, repeatedly. So not only will you increase the number of calories you burn over the course of a workout but you’ll also strengthen your heart at the same time. If you’re serious about burning more calories and really getting into shape, now is the time to begin using HIIT workouts.







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