Healthy Weight according to your Body Type

Keeping up with a healthy weight is a massive part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the term is specific and a certain weight cannot be implied to all body types, heights or frame sizes (that is the size determined by the width of your elbow). One woman can have an ideal weight which is higher by twenty or more pounds compared to another woman. Determining that specific ideal weight is harder than it seems, because many things should be taken into consideration, such as: the percentage of body fat; risk factors and lifestyle; body type and age; genetics and more.

Determining the healthy weight with BMI

BMI, which stands for Body Mass Index, is a popular way of determining the ideal weight, taking many important factors into consideration. The formula is simple enough: you should first multiply your current weight by 705 (you should make the calculations in pounds with this formula). That result should be divided by your height, measured in inches. Divide the result you’ve got with your height again, and the number you end up with is your ideal healthy weight. The BMI gives a more fair way to calculate what your weight should ideally be. A normal BMI should be between 18, 5 – 24, 9. If you have an index higher than 25, that means you are overweight and you should try to reach the ideal range of BMI by losing weight. A BMI which exceeds 30 is an indicator of obesity. People with an index lower than 18 are underweight.

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Media and the healthy weight

Unfortunately, today many women imagine the ideal weight as something they see on a picture in a magazine, but that’s far from the truth. Those uber slim women are actually massively underweight according to all rules, and most of them need to gain few more pounds if they want to be considered healthy. If you like the body of a woman who has 50kg, you cannot set a goal to reach 50kg yourself if you don’t have the construction and genetics for it. The modern media has imposed standards which distort the perception of a person’s healthy weight, because only 5% of women in America have the body type which can reach the slim model standard.

Healthy weight according to your body type

The frame size, which was mentioned in the beginning of this article, is an important factor for determining your body type, hence the healthy weight. Find a chart online and see how the body types are divided according to the elbow measurements. If you have a large frame, your ideal weight will be higher because of your bone structure. If that is too complicated for you, you can have an idea without measuring: athletic bodies for example can easily rich lower weight because they have narrow waist and hips and a good metabolism. People with large frames and a stocky build have higher levels of body fat and can build muscle relatively easy, but have difficulties with lowering the fat tissue because of the slower metabolism. If you want my opinion, women who are predisposed for curves and feminine shapes don’t look good when they lose too much weight. I have a close friend who managed to lose a lot of weight (don’t ask how – it’s not the healthy way), but lost her uniqueness and recognizable beauty along the way.

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