Top 4 Gym Workout Routines for Women and Necessary Gym Machines

Mustering the motivation to hit the gym after a long day can be challenging. Today’s modern woman has a lot of competing demands and spending an hour at the gym is often low on the priority list. Additionally, many women won’t commit to a workout routine because they find it difficult to balance time with results. Luckily, there are plenty of gym workout routines for women that can provide the balance you need. Your workout doesn’t have to be two hours long to get the results you crave!

Below is a list of workouts conducive to women. These gym workout routines for women make the list because they are short in duration, require limited equipment, and are effective at meeting a variety of fitness goals. If you’re looking for a quick, but effective workout routine, try one of these workouts today!

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1. Rowing Workout

The row workout is extremely popular among women. It provides a nice mix of cardio and muscle toning techniques. Many cardio exercises require an extra trip to the weight rack. However, rowing provides the best of both worlds in an instant.

This routine can cut a workout time in half if done properly. Additionally, the rowing workout is relatively of low impact making it easy on your joints.

All you’ll need for this exercise is a water-based row machine. Most gyms offer a row option. However, you can also purchase one for your home gym. Machines can cost anywhere from $250-$1500 depending on the features. Head on to Top Fitness Magazine to compare some of the most popular rowing machines on the market.

2. HIIT Resistance Workout

High intensity interval training is a perfect workout for anyone on a tight schedule. This workout trend is here to stay. It gives participants a solid cardio workout in only 10-15 minutes. The small time commitment permits plenty of time for stretching and restoration afterward.

An added benefit is the routine requires no equipment and can be performed almost anywhere (office, home, gym). There are several variations of this workout. Nonetheless, the underlying theme requires several seconds of high intensity activity followed by shorter periods of rest.

Popular HIIT exercises include jumping jacks, burpees, skaters, mountain climbers, and jump squats. Most gyms will offer plenty of space for these activities. You can even incorporate some weight bearing intervals using the gym’s dumbbells and kettlebells. There are numerous interval training routines that can make you sweat in a nick of time.

3. Stair Workout

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This is one of the best gym workout routines for women. It blends power sprints with some leg training. The workout includes a high level of cardio and mimics the workout you’d get with a stair-stepper. You’ll need to map out a route, head to your local high school, and hit the bleachers.

The most effective workouts combine straight upward sprints with a variety of unique footwork drills including side shuffles, jumps, and stair lunges. You can also use the bleachers as a means to focus on muscle tone. Exercises like calf raises, step ups, and side lunges are great for creating more definition in your legs.

If your gym doesn’t offer a bleacher area, consider incorporating some of these exercises on the standard stair-stepper machine. You can also use blocks. Most gyms will offer equipment of this sort.

4. Elliptical Workout

The elliptical is one of the most popular gym workout routines for women. It is fairly low in intensity yet works the butt, legs, and arms while providing a good dose of cardio. Most elliptical machines allow you to tailor your workout to meet your goals and time constraints.

You can input your weight, workout duration, and desired heart rate allowing you to perfectly time your workout based on your personal needs. This also allows you to get a tough workout in a limited amount of time or expand your workout as long as you’d like. Either way, you can find an elliptical machine at most gyms. It is, without doubt, one of the more beloved gym workout routines for women.

In Conclusion

These options are just a few of the many gym workout routines for women. If you’re looking for great results, you might consider incorporating each of these workouts into your weekly routine. Your body will love the variety and you’ll be well on your way to the best version of you!

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