Great Exercises To Do In Your Own Living Room

Here I am going to give you a sample of some of my favorite exercises that can be performed in your own house.

In general, it is usually more efficient to actually go to the gym. That at least is my experience; if you decide to only do your training at home it does take a bit more willpower and people doing that tend to miss out more than those going to the gym. However, it can be a good idea to alternate and it’s great to have a few easy exercises that you can do without the need of any equipment

Exercises for the abdomen can easily be done at home and one of my favorites is plank. You start off on all four, move your feet back and lower your body so that it’s supported by the elbows. Make sure your body is completely straight, as a plank, and stay in that position for as long as possible. Start off with 10 reps and increase with time. This exercise trains the whole abdominal area.

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Another great exercise is the pushup. It gives your chest and arms a good workout. It’s so simply yet highly efficient, and works so many parts of your body. Make it a routine to do pushups at least two days a week. You can start off by doing 3 sets with 10 reps in each and just with your body weight. When your Download the no1 Muscle Building Program Todaymuscles grow and you become stronger you can increase the weight by putting weights around your waist or on your back. The pushup is also great since you can do it with your arms wide apart or together and in this way work on different muscle groups.

A great exercise for the hamstring is the glute hamstring rise. In this exercise, you kneel down and lock you heals under something that doesn’t move for example a couch or a bed. Then simply lower your body down towards the ground slowly and then back up to the starting position. In the beginning you might not be able to go all the way to the ground but with a bit of practice you can gain super strong hamstring muscles.

These are a few powerful exercises that you can do at any time and that will add to your muscle mass quickly. Let it become a routine for you to do various exercises when you have some spare time and you will soon see the results you are seeking. To make your training part of your lifestyle is essential if you want to gain big muscles.

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