The Best Full Body Workout Routine to Consider – 3 Options

Some people think a full body workout routine means doing hours of different exercises to get toned. However, there are really only three exercises you need to be doing to get your body in top shape. These three exercises are specifically meant for people who want to build muscle mass and tone their physique. From beginners to fitness experts, they are good for all levels of athletes.

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The Best Full Body Workout Exercises to Fit in Your Routine

Get some seriously toned muscles with these three exercises to make your full body workout routine complete. Each exercise described below outlines the most effective way to perform it without hurting yourself (or the person you are training). Within each description, there is also helpful information on low impact modifications for beginners. Be mindful when you do these routines. Never push your muscles more than they can handle.

#1. The Squat

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When it comes to building a full body workout routine, doing a few quick squats isn’t enough. Get the most out of your squatting session and set yourself up for success. Find a squat rack, cage, or other equipment appropriate for squats.

Pull the weight bar out of the rack and adjust your grip so that your arms are as far apart as is comfortable. You can also do these without equipment. Be mindful of where you’re putting your weight. It should be in your heels and not toes.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and toes spilling outward slightly. Be sure you can still see your toes past your knees as you bend. As you prepare to squat, keep in mind that your back should always be straight. Hips should go out before you bend.

Only squat as far as you can support this action. With this routine, your knees should be going out and not in. For beginners, reduce reps as needed and never squat lower than you can support yourself. Muscles should remain contracted throughout the entire squat.

#2. Push Ups

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The push up is one of the most effective exercises for a full body workout routine. As you do a push up, you’re actually lifting at least 60 percent of your body weight. Although there are many ways to do a push up, a classic plank push up is a great start for people who want to tone their muscles. If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to develop one-armed push ups into your full body workout routine, check out this great guide.

To do a proper plank push up, make sure your wrists are in line with your shoulders and feet in line with the hips. There should be a straight line from the top of your head to the bottom of your back. Keep your elbows in, and abs contracted as you lower to the floor.

The push up should only take two seconds to complete (one second down and one second up.) For beginners, you can lower your knees and do the push up with them on the ground and feet in the air.

#3. Pull Ups

a young man doing a pull up

Many people avoid the pull up bar. It may look intimidating, but it can actually be fun if you have the right form down. Getting in the habit of pull ups is a great way to mix up your full body workout routine. If you are a newbie in the gym: don’t fear. There are plenty of exercises that help you work your way up to the bar.

The first thing to be sure of is that your hands are facing away from you on the bar. If they are facing in, you are doing a chin up not a pull up. Grip your hands on the bar and make sure they are a bit more than shoulder width apart.

Hang all the way down (no cheating!) and pull yourself up until the chin reaches above the bar. Pause when you reach the top and slowly lower yourself back down. If you let your muscles give out when you lower down, you are risking a serious injury. Don’t do it.

Putting It All Together

Include these three important exercises into your full body workout routine, and you will be feeling (and looking) better in no time. What other tips do you have on perfecting that full body workout routine? Share your knowledge in the comments below! We want to hear about your journey towards a fit and healthy body.

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