Forearm Exercises For Men Will Give Guaranteed Results

First of all, forearm exercises are not meant for individuals who want fast results. These exercises should be conducted with immense dedication and care. The result is guaranteed, but you need to stay motivated for getting the desired results. If you are tired of having a thin wrist and skinny forearms, then take a look below to get the perfect idea of how these exercises might help you out to get promising results in no time.

Forearm exercises using barbells

Since a majority of all the forearm exercising techniques deal with the barbell, here are the top three exercises which would yield guaranteed result in no time.

The barbell wrist curl is one of the most effective exercises that help in strengthening the flexor muscles in the forearms. In this technique, a barbell is held by resting the forearm on the knee. Then the wrist is bent and the forearm is lifted in an upward direction. In the same manner, the arm is brought down and the wrist is curled in the reverse direction. This exercise can be immensely useful for building strong forearms, and incidentally your biceps can also increase.

forearm exercises for men

The reverse barbell wrist curl is another important exercise which targets the growth of the extensor muscle in your forearm. The action is similar to that of the normal wrist curl. Only the wrist has to be curled with the forearm rested on your lap and the palm being in downward towards the ground. Lift the arm by keeping the forearms flat. Then lower the arm using the same technique. If you want to redirect some of the flexing and stretching to the biceps then the reverse barbell curl will help you do so. This exercise not only helps in strengthening your wrist and forearms, but also develops the biceps.

Forearm exercises using dumbbells

shrinkwrap your abs nowDumbbells are effective equipment, while one is involved in forearm exercises. The Dumbbell wrist curl is particularly useful, as it flexes and strengthens the flexor muscles of the forearms. The process is quite simple. You need to sit on a bench and hold the dumbbell with your hands upright. Along with this, rest both of your arms on your lap and allow the dumbbell to roll down. Grip it and then try to bring it back to the original position and the job is done. Again, the dumbbell reverse wrist curl is also considered to be one of the many important forearm exercises and in this one, a reverse hold of the dumbbell is used.

Forearm Exercises – Some Precautions

While performing most forearm exercises, one must be aware that the forearms are not as strong as the biceps or quadriceps. Hence, additional care would need to be taken while performing certain exercises. Also, the choice of dumbbells has to be judicious, as you would not want to hurt your hand with a heavy dumbbell. Forearm muscles are comparatively delicate, and need quite some care while performing forearm exercises

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